Today we look closely at superstar D’banj.

Last year promised so much for D’banj, with the projected endorsement deals, the debut album from his record label which was projected to blow fans to the heavens. Also did he expect to headline a million concerts, grab a handful of multimillion naira endorsement deals and come out looking good, stable, and the fans’ man.

Well, not all of that went his way.

The new compilation album, ‘D Kings Men’ was dropped, but it failed to spark a revolution. The strength of D’banj’s fame and charisma was expected to be the chief driving  force, but that didn't work. The Nigerian public have arrived at the stage where they can separate sentiments from subnstance. D'banj still had to pump the album full with ‘promotion money’, all to no avail.

Fans and aficionados laid many a complaint about the album, which ranged from the songs possessing a dire lack of lyrical depth, many sounded too ‘commercial’ with ‘Eja Nla’ popping up at every rhythm. Of the entire album, only the raucous ‘Don’t Tell Me Nonsense’ huffed and puffed, after a huge dose of promotion. In the end, he had to rely on a new song  which didn’t make the album, ‘Finally’, to be his flagship hit. That didn’t convince either.

The concerts and the endorsement deals came in droves. Bank Of Industry made him their public face, so also did he headline the grand 2013 Hennessy Artistry concert, and he performed at the closing ceremony of the African Cup of Nations. In this department, he thrived. No regrets.

On the personal front, there was little or no public activity. D’banj is yet to make public his fiancée. Everyone thinks it’ll be Genevieve Nnaji, but I have a nagging feeling that won’t work. Too much drama will kill that even before it sprouts a  bud.

What D’banj truly needs for the new year is basic. He needs a good songwriter. Someone who can marry new age commercialism with lyrical depth, giving a balance to his songs. Right now, he’s all over the place. His production also needs some tweaking.  That’s no problem though as he has DeeVee on his team.(who is an accomplished producer)

He also needs to be in Nigeria often. Over the past two years, his sojourn in the USA has made his core fans lose their connection with him. He needs that back, as it forms the basis of his stardom.

The money will still pour in, concert organizers and promoters will still fight for his attention, so also would top brands. He’s D’banj’, remember?

And finally to make it all come together, he needs a wife ASAP. 2014 will sure be a pivotal one for the Kokomaster, and a dedicated feminine support will sure be needed by him.

Let's hope he gets it right.