The problem with Davido is Davido himself. He is his own enemy. This 21 year old did a lot of things right during the last year, with his songs, Gobe & Skelewu shuttling between all the top music charts and lists in the country.

But then he contrived to spoil it all.

Davido always has had a knack for controversy. He seems to have been locked in some mystery romance with the mistress Controversy. Last year alone had Davido’s name popping up in the soft-sell headlines like it was some eternal punchline to a tired joke.

He dropped the song Gobe, and controversy came calling, in the image of a certain musician named Password, who claimed ownership of the song. Then he released the amazing song, Skelewu which made him a singing god to many an African. But then the god Davido quickly transformed to one of gross petulance with the Skelewu video fiasco. He made 2 videos which failed to win over the general public, and created enough entertaining drama to make Philippino script-writers look dumb. Such was the magnitude of the PR disaster.

Next up was his face-off with Waconzy. The ‘Amosu’ singer had dished some personal opinion about music, and earned himself trouble when Davido’s name came up. Davido didn’t need a second invitation to jump in headlong into the fray, exacerbating the situation and covering himself in dirt.

Also were reports about his refusal to grant Iyanya entry into his 21 birthday party.

In 2014, Davido really needs a good PR machine.  A team of dedicated image perception experts who he’ll lean on for crucial advice and guidance on how to improve on his public persona. He’ll have to discard his overbearing petulance, cut out some excesses, and try not to get into fights in clubs.

His musical career needs no extra gifts. He’s on a roll right now with his commercial songs ruling the market.

He’s too young to get married, and he has enough money to spend; That’s a lethal combination to get the women swarming all over him. So no gifts here too. He’ll be fine.

Let’s hope he gets his PR right. The rest of him are almost perfect. Except of course he latches onto the next controversy.