Her follow-up album, ''Pink Friday - Roman Reloaded'' further amplified her bragging rights behind the mic, with the first signs of her evolution into being more than just a rap star at its most visible phase.

2014 was the last time prior to now that the Barbie blessed us with a project in ''The PinkPrint'', now four years later, she puts her mouth where the bars is by laying claim to the throne with her fourth studio album, ''Queens.''

The 'Queens' album packs 19 tracks, features a number of collaborations from top artists like Eminem, Lil Wayne, Ariana Grande and The Weeknd as Nicki attempts to ride on powerful shoulders in her royal pursuit.

'Ganja Burns' is the opening track on Queens, and it is an effortlessly good song filled with subliminal lines as she raps,

''They done went to witch doctors to bury the Barbie, But I double back, kill bitches, bury the body,  And that go for anybody, you'll be thoroughly sorry, I could wage war or I come in peace like Gandhi.''

As well as taking more direct shots aimed at Cardi B, who have been accused of employing ghostwriters in the past, ''Unlike a lot of these hoes, whether wack or lit, at least I can say I wrote every rap I spit''.

'Majesty' alongside Eminem and Labrinth fails to bring down the heavens the way you expect from the 'unholy trinity', while 'Barbie Dreams', which gets life off The Notorious B.I.G's  'Dreams' comes with rather weak puns and disparaging lyrics filled with a list of men who can't satisfy her.

'Rich Sex' with Lil Wayne is as bad as the title sounds, while 'Bed', a song she says was recorded over a year ago has Ariana Grande in her elements.

Previously released 'Chun Li' is inspired by the female character in the video game, Street Fighter with the famous yell, ''They need rappers like me, They need rappers like me, So they can get in their freaking keyboards, and make me the bad guy, Chun Li.''

'LLC' is that punchy song where the Queen pulls off the shiny gloves and goes in hard, and she teams up with Foxy Brown on 'Coco Chanel', which sees a subliminal thrown in the direction of Remy Ma.

The final song, 'Inspirations Outro' closes the project with attributes to names who have influenced her journey.

This is the first time in a while that Nicki is attempting to reawaken some of the lyrical energy that earned her praise on her 'Monster' verse, and it is quite understandable seeing there is some real competition to the throne this time.

The flow is as sharp as Nicki has been, her brilliance comes in moments and few lines, but there is obsession in her lyrics, that over-the-type sleepless obsession, there is also trying too much in her forced punch-lines, and then there is the threat of the opposition, which brings pressure to her doorsteps that she fails to shake off all through the album.

Queen is at-times enjoyable, other times confusing. The album's shortcomings are largely visible because of the length of the project, stripped to 8 or 9 tracks, then this would have been a decent artistic and commercial statement.

In all, this album serves as a reminder of who she once was, and how far from the best she has fallen. As the curtains closed on the album, Nicki have not been able to convince all that her head is the perfect fit for the crown.

Rating: 3/5


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