Novemba displays flashes of fluid talent on 'Escapade'

December 2nd 2022, 12:18:28 am

On his sophomore EP Escapade, Novemba retains the cadence that makes Afro-pop an appealing sound while his delivery points to the influence of notable figures across Nigerian music.

Novemba - 'Escapades'

Novemba is one of the talents who's hoping to take Afrobeats to its next level and with his latest EP 'Escapade', he showcases a dimension of a fast-evolving Afrobeats.

The fast-emerging talent tested the waters of Nigerian mainstream music with his debut EP 'Novian Universe' which displayed cross-genre influences with a domineering Afro-pop presence.

'Escapade' is a personal reflection that sees Novemba reflect on his ambitions love life, and desires.

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Novemba's music leans primarily toward pop as his flow carries a familiar pop template that allows for easy delivery and digestion. He switches between English and Pidgin, a pattern that's recognizable in mainstream Afrobeats pop music. All through the EP, his delivery points to the influence of notable figures in Pop and Alternative.

The beats are slow burners that sit just behind his vocals as it misses the heavy kicks and charged strings that are present in Afrobeats.

The EP is a self-reflecting one and he approaches this musing from different angles. In 'Escape' he contemplates packing his bags and deserting everyone and everything to a place he can feel free. The Afrobeat drum pattern allows Novemba to employ a simple delivery and clear writing which makes for an easily digestible, Omah Lay-like song.

His fluidity shows on 'Spiritualize' where he talks about roaming a different realm with the aid of stimulants. He delivers a Santi-like song that uses a less melodious pop/patois delivery and cloudy beats for a mesh of Alternative and Pop.

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In 'Love Vacancy' Novemba leans towards his lover boy side as he sounds like Joe Boy as delivers a smooth melody laced with well timed adlibs and harmonies. This song is perhaps the best on the project as the melody allows it explores familiar pop territories.

In the playboy tune, 'Vibe' Novemba sounds like a singing Blaqbonez as employs the carefree singing style of a rapper delivering a pop performance.

In 'Ewo' where he reveals his enchantment with the body of a temptress, an attentive listener can point out the Rema feel from the first lyric. While the pace is slower, the flow, writing, and tropical strings show Rema's influence.

On the last track 'Rewind', the horns and drums combine for a song that is so strikingly Wizkid. The whispering vocals, stimulating feel, and simple lyrics are all just too familiar.

Final Notes

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For Novemba, talent is not in shortage nor is there a lack of ability. What this writer believes is missing is a desire to refine his sound and grind out one that will carry his identity as opposed to the loud echoes of other artists as is the case with 'Escapade'. This is an identity and artistry that will need to be developed through learning, experiments, and evolution.

The type of music Novemba makes highlights his talent and ambitions. And for the mainstream success he craves, more than just flashes of talent. He must be ready and willing to put his best foot forward.

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Album Sequencing: 1.5/2

Songwriting, Themes, and Delivery: 1.4/2

Production: 1.5/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.4/2

Execution: 1.5/2

Total: 7.3 - Victory

Adeayo Adebiyi
Adeayo Adebiyi is a Music Reporter at Pulse.


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