The much anticipated series "undefinedrecently made its debut on undefined

In an exclusive chat with Pulse Nigeria, Yvonne Jegede, who plays a love interest to Bolanle Ninolowo's character, spoke on her character, favourite scene, what fans would love about show and more.

In the series, Jegede plays a young lady who returned from the UK to visit her boyfriend, hoping to take their relationship to another level.

Unfortunately, she discovered that he had lots of ladies in his fife, including her cousin.


'Husbands of Lagos' tells the story of five men living in Lagos, and the women in their lives.

The series also stars undefinedundefined Kenneth Okolie, Uche Odoputa, Rich Tanksley, Mary Remmy Njoku, undefined Ovire Peggy, Susan Petersamong others.


You can watch and download series byundefined with just N500 per month, N2000 for six months, and N3000 for a year plan (Nigeria).

For UK subscribers, you can watch the series with just £5 per month, £10.50 for three month, £18 for six month and £30 for a year plan.

Watch interview below;