Movie critics have given reasons they feel

Three reviewers from The Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian and Gamesports, agreed on three reasons the movie isn’t as intriguing as expected.

While the critics agreed Venom appeared exactly the way many had viewed the villain in the comic book as against how the character was portrayed visually in Spiderman 3, they all feel Tom Hardy, who played the role of Eddie Brock didn’t bring his A-game to the movie.

Here are the three reasons critics feel Venom isn’t intriguing

Sloppy scenes

Gamesport movie reviewer, Mike Rougeau feels many scenes in Venom can’t be comprehended because its as a result of general sloppy bad filmmaking and more was expected from a Marvel comic book adaptation.

The tone, quality of Computer Generated Imagery, CGIs, is all over the place in the movie, the humour is awkward and all of the characters are shallow one note, uninteresting and unlikeable.

For The Guardian, Sony’s attempt to stake a claim with Venom lacks the deftness of the best.

The Guardian review further noted that Venom manages to be both rushed and laboured because it rattled through an agonising amount of setups before deciding on its split-personality buddy-comedy tone.

Guardian Peter Bradshaw thinks Venom had no real sense of fun compared to because it’s seemingly riddled with the poison of dullness.

In Todd Mccarthy’s review for The Hollywood reporter, Venom was described as an origin story that seems rote and unimaginative.

Mccarthy also feels the writing and filmmaking are boring without meaningful content.

For the reviewer, Venom looks like an imitator, a wannabe, not the real deal.

Tom Hardy

For Rougeau, Tom Hardy didn’t just get it right and his performance in Venom remains baffling.

Rougeau further said Tom Hardy didn’t impress the audience in the Venom despite playing the lead character, Eddie Brock. Unlike his performance in Mad Max, Hardy got the knocks for not bringing his A-game to fore in the Marvel movie. The reviewer further feels Hardy’s performance didn’t make up for the character he played in the movie.

In a review by The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw, Venom, which saw Tom Hardy playing a comedy infused villain character, is a clumsy, monolithic and fantastically boring superhero movie/entertainment franchise repetition.

Agreeing with Rougeau and Bradshaw, Mccarthy feels Hardy wasn’t in his best element.

Mccarthy noted that Hardy has always had a terrific screen bearing and presence, but playing Eddie Brock may be his least interesting role and performance.

Michelle Williams was under-used

In a review by Gamesport, Michelle William’s character, Anne Weying had little role to play but the reviewer feels there was no chemistry in the perceived relationship between herself and Tom Hardy.

The scene where Hardy’s character ate a live lobster while disrupting Michelle’s evening with her new date played by Reid Scott was another reason the reviewer feels Venom isn’t as intriguing as perceived.

For Bradshaw, Michelle Williams playing a smart lawyer, Anne Weying, in Venom appears to be an outrageously boring and submissive role. Bradshaw feels Williams could have been charged with more responsibility that what the role she got.

Just like Bradshaw, Mccarthy feels Williams has been excessively normalized in her role as Anne Weying.

The reviewer says the distinctive character which Williams usually convey is so lacking in the movie that it clearly shows none of the other characters popped.