Jennifer and Louis become the third couple in Love Pad to check out from the reality TV show.

The couple who had the lowest scores and were up for possible check out with four other couples were evicted from the show on Sunday, March 15, 2020.

During the live eviction show which was held in Lagos and hosted by Dakore Akande and Oluwaseun, guests were thrilled to nice music from the in house live band, 'High Definition.'

To the business of the evening, Oluwaseun asked the couples up for eviction to stand up.

After confirming the authenticity of the votes and audits, he announced the name Jelo as the couple with the list votes.

This meant their time in the Love Pad had come to an end.

As usual, the couple spoke about their time in the house. For Louis, meeting Jenny Koko was his major highlight in the house.

When asked how she felt about leaving the house, Jenny Koko said she was excited because she gets to see the outside world after spending weeks in the house.

The couple went home with one hundred thousand naira after playing the portmanteau game.