So what happened? The organizers of Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) announced some days back, that this year's event will hold within the 29 of November till the 5 of December, 2011 in Lagos.

According to the organizers, the winners will be chosen by the general public and it is a poll for the public's favorite Nollywood Stars. We gathered that Arik Airline will provide a free return ticket to the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival holding in New York, for the winners (Nollywood Star) of the poll/competition.

Below is what went down on twitter:

[blackbirdpie url=«!/SDimokoKORKUS/status/139636852142514176»]

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[blackbirdpie url=«!/SDimokoKORKUS/status/139641303704158208»]

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However, to all of these tweet allegations Ini Edo had only this to say;

Na wa! this is serious, we have gone from people claiming their twitter accounts were hacked to people actually being accused of hacking. But if we look at this matter very well, the organizers are to blame if their system was so easy to manipulate or who knows maybe,  just maybe Ini’s fans woke up at the right time.

Our verdict; if there is no real evidence, no proof of all these allegations; it is simply GIST and nothing more! lol