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Top 10 mini-series of 2021

January 10th 2022, 9:00:00 am

From action to drama, suspense, and fantasy, here are Ten popular mini-series that served cinema delight while capturing conversations in 2021.

'King of Boys'

This list is arranged in no particular order.

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King of boys: Return of the King: Coming as a sequel to 2018s original debut, Kemi Adetiba's sequel of her political thriller was a crowd pleaser amongst a Nigerian audience craving homemade cinema. Seeing Sola Sobowale take the lead role as Eniola Salami, the story follows an array of characters as they navigate a dog eat dog world in Nigeria's political and cultural scenes.

Shadow and Bone: Based on the book adaptation of the same title, Shadow and Bone is another series that at some point seemed to become the next Game of Thrones. The medieval setting accompanied by fantasy tropes made us all root for our beloved protagonist Alina Starkov(Jessie Mei Li), the last survivor of the Sun Summoner clan. Alina must master her powers while avoiding being used as a weapon amidst warring factions.

The white Lotus: A group of privileged people take a summer retreat in Hawaii, but little do they know that this retreat will change them for life upon arrival.

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Invincible: Invincible centers on themes such as family, friendship, and human morality. This Amazon animation is your typical superhero series that follows a teenager with superpowers, navigating teenage years and living up to his father's high standards. Invincible is not the most acclaimed comic book adaptation ever made. However, it excludes itself from Marvel and DC by thinking outside the box regarding plot twists and character arcs, deaths and survival.

The Underground Railroad: Oscar winner Barry Jenkins demonstrated through film the brutal reality of racism and slave trade through the adventure of Cora Randal(Thuso Mbedu), an escaped slave who must make a life of her own while running from her abductors.

Mare of Easttown: In this Seven episode series, Kate Winslet portrays Mare, an effective detective who hides her grief behind the badge. Mare of Easttown rides on the mystery of a missing girl and subsequently delves into the impact of tragedy on small-town families.

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Squid Game: The South Korean horror-thriller was the most-watched Netflix series in 2021 for all the right reasons. It features characters who will go to unspeakable lengths to regain financial security. Squid Game's engaging storyline, clean production and societal commentary are more reasons it deserves a second season.

Wanda vision: The first series, into the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, saw Elizabeth Olsen(Wanda) and Paul Bettany(Vision) steal the show in two worlds as the grieving orphan and her android lover bent reality to their will while seeking closure and conquering evil.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Marvel made a clever twist in making this mini-series, unlike previous titles in its packed franchise where the villains are usually robots and aliens. In The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the villains are socio-political issues afflicting the western world that fists and nukes won't defeat but sheer humanity, goodwill and faith in being better; Qualities that Sam(Anthony Mackie) colorfully displayed as the new Captain America.

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LOKI: Aided with Owen Wilson and Sophia Di Martino, Tom Hiddleston as Loki in this series surprisingly brought up a never seen side of the titular antihero in the MCU. While LOKI explores facets of the Asgardian's complex personality, Simultaneously, the first season LOKI acted as a significant catalyst for future MCU storylines.


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