The movie follows a heavily pregnant woman who has been abandoned by the father of her child.

She moves into a new apartment and finds comfort in the company of her friendly neighbour.

However, she finds her self in a dilemma and is expected to make a decision.

Pulse Movies has put together five reasons why you should see "Tiwa's Baggage."

1. Chemistry

The chemistry and connection between Lolu and Tiwa is one that rockets through the roof during every one of their make out sessions.

And when the father of Tiwa's baby return to her life and Tiwa couldn't sort out her feelings for both men, one thing was obvious; Tiwa shared history with Olly, and a blazing chemistry with Lolu.

Their chemistry made the movie an easy and enjoyable watch.

2. Great Acting

You probably fell in love with Kunle Remi as Imoh in "Falling." And rightfully so.

You have also probably been following Bayray McNwizu's career since the days of AMBO's "Cindy Notes." Because, who doesn't love a good actor?

In "Tiwa's Baggage," Kunle Remi and Bayray McNwizu, as usual, dig deep into their characters to deliver outstanding performances.

They speak through silence. Their words and actions draw the viewers into their worlds. They are perfect as Tiwa and Lolu.

3. Love Story

"Tiwa's Baggage" is a well interpreted love story.

It tells the story of Tiwa, a young woman who is abandoned by her lover after he finds out she is pregnant for him.

Starting life afresh, she moves into a new neighbourhood and her new neighbour is a kind man, who offers his support and friendship throughout her pregnancy.

Gradually and believably, the two build a friendship and finally become lovers.

Tiwa is that woman somewhere, who is dealing with self esteem issues and has been made to believe that as a single mother, no man would want her 'baggage.'

She also represents some women who assume that having a child for a man automatically means he won't up-and-leave.

Somewhere along the line, Tiwa's ex reappears, all sorry and ready for a new beginning with Tiwa and his daughter.

As expected, Tiwa's insecurities rear its ugly head and she is faced with making a tough decision and choosing between two men who claim to love her.

4. The Soundtrack

One of the things that make "Tiwa's Baggage" memorable is its use of the perfect soundtrack to perfect pivotal scenes.

Bisola Aiyeola's "Turn off the Light" comes on during Tiwa and Lolu's first kiss and it does a good job of breathing life into the scene, and creating an emotional experience for the viewers.

5. The Supporting Cast

Remi and McNwizu are not the only ones who are at their best in "Tiwa's Baggage." Despite Ronke Oshodi-Oke's kind of unnecessary long screen time, she is perfect as that nosy aunt, who thinks they are entitled to make decisions for every member of their family.

Bolanle Ninolowo is good and believable as Olly. He doesn't try to hard to deliver his character. He simply does his job.

Written, produced and directed by Biodun Stephen "Tiwa's Baggage" is currently showing on Iroko TV.