The series which tells the story of  a young and clueless newlyweds premiered on September 13, 2016, with an episode titled "Honeymoon Crashers."

ALSO: undefined"This is It"  follows the first year journey of the young clueless newlyweds Dede and Tomide, how they adjust living together, dealing with friends and a little drama.

Starring Kenyan actor Nick Mutuma (Tomide) and Nigerian actress, Dede (Chiagoziem Nwakanma), the first season focuses on the first six months of their marriage.

Check out eight things we learnt from episode one:

1. Tomide Wanda was born to a Kenyan father and Nigerian mother. He grew up in Kenya until his dad passed away, and he moved to Ibadan city.

He graduated from University of Lagos with 2nd class upper in Computer Engineering.

2. He set up a company, Crest Mobile, with his best friend Sam.

3. He met his wife Dede during a proposal presentation with a potential investor. They connected right away, and kicked off a relationship.

4. After 23 investment proposal rejection, Tomide and Sam finally hit the jackpot.

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5. Tomide proposed to Dede after three years together. Despite her fears of not being a 'wife material' and 'clueless

, Dede accepted his proposal.

6. Dede was a virgin before her wedding. Prior to her wedding, she sought sexual advice from her friend, Kerry.

7. During one of her make-out sessions with her husband, her friends 'barged' into her house without an invitation. After dismissing them, a confused Dede called her dad and said 'I don't know where to draw the line with my friends.'

8. The episode ended with Dede paying a visit to her friends, and 'apologizing' for dismissing them.'

The romantic comedy also stars Stan Nze, Bimbo Ademoye, Bukola Oladipupo, Teni Aladese and Chisom Ofor, with Olumide Oworu, Joyce Maina, Linda Osifo, Ben Touitou, Kunle Coker, Tosan ugbeye, Asa’ah Samuel among others.

Do you believe that a line needs to be drawn between newlyweds and their friends?