The 16th episode of

Show creator Robert Kirkman teased Rick's fate in the comics and television series. He also revealed that all the characters will eventually die.

"He do eventually," Kirkman responds to a Reddit user who asked "Do Rick die?"

Later in the Reddit AMA, Kirkman was asked about his favourite character, to which he replied: "I don't play favourites. They all die eventually."

Revealing that he already has an ending planned in his head, he added "it's not happening for a long, long time".

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Its season six finale episode which offered viewers their first look at Negan and his infamous Lucille, ended with Negan playing a game to decide who would be the first to meet Lucille.

As he made his decision, the camera angle switched to the position of his victim, leaving viewers to wonder who was on the receiving end as the scene faded out.

The season ended without revealing the identity of Negan's victim, leaving fans angry, shocked and disappointed.

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Following the cliffhanger, angry fans started a petition aimed at convincing AMC to reveal which of their favourite cast met his or her end.

Do you think Rick would die in upcoming seventh season, which debuts in October.

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Watch "The Walking Dead" clip below.