What are some things you think happen only in Nigeria?

In a recent webisode of "The Ngee Show," Ngozi spoke on things that can happen only in Nigeria. Check out some of her points below:

1. Sense of entitlement.

2. Traffic behaviour.

3. Public transport etiquette.

4. Withdrawing from the ATM.

5. We eat and say "come and eat", but we don';t really mean it.

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"I lost someone close to my heart...so I took time off. I'm back so I'm starting off light with this episode. Ignore my hair oh, if not you're on a long thing!!! Enjoy the things that really are just Nigerian...I will upload weekly for the next three weeks to make up for it. {runs away}," she captioned the episode.

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The Ngee Show is a series of webisodes made by Ngozi (Ngee), which focuses on real life in Nigeria, and mostly relates to Nigerians.

Watch video below.