The Freedom Foundation has hosted its first public screening of it’s soon to be released documentary series “My Lagos Diaries” at the FilmHouse IMAX cinemas.

Four episodes of the feature about the individuals fighting for survival in Lagos state was shown to members of the press on January 17, 2017.

The 13 part documentary series documents 10 years of work done by Dr Tony Rapu of This Present House and his team in rehabilitating destitutes.

“It will tell some of the real stories of rehabilitated prostitutes, armed robbers, beggars, drug addicts, other individuals abandoned by society,” Freedom Foundation shared in a statement.

“”My Lagos Diaries” ultimate goal is to sensitize the general public about the struggles of these underprivileged persons while providing an opportunity for interested individuals and organizations to support Freedom Foundation’s vision via donations and funding.”

Before the screening Dr Rapu said in his opening address the aim of the Freedom Foundation was to empower underprivileged people in society.

He also shared some of the challenges he and his team faced as they visited impoverished communities in Ejigbo, Ijora, Iwaya, Bariga and several other places in Lagos and sought out individuals who needed their help.

“On a number of occasions, we have undertook risky ventures travelling by canoe to some of these areas.

“Once we chanced upon a woman who had a baby in the most depressing and unhygienic conditions.

“We settled fights between prostitutes and their clients. We faced the threats of area boys, drug dealers, brothel managers and violent criminals who could not understand what we were doing in their territories. Through it all, we captured in a vivid manner the essence of life in these areas", Dr Rapu said.

All the footage in the “My Lagos Diaries” comes from footage gathered by the Freedom Foundation over seven years.

The documentary series will officially premiere at the FilmHouse IMAX cinemas on January 21.

Dr Rapu revealed that there were plans to launch a TV programme on terrestrial TV stations to show the 13 episodes of the series.