While marriage has probably changed some entertainers and their careers, Nollywood actor and producer,

The actress who got married to her Dutch sweetheart, Dr. Koen in October 2015, revealed this during an interview with Encomium Weekly.

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"I'm an actor. My husband met me in the job. He should support the job. It doesn't change me from doing what I used to do. The only thing is, there are some other things I would not do.  I will not act as a single lady. That is it. Every other thing maintains the status quo," the actress said.

In the same interview, the actress also spoke on acting nude. "I have never acted nude. That has been a no, no for me even before getting married. I don’t support it. I have never acted nude and will not act nude. Of course, you could take off some clothes but not totally nude. In our culture, we don’t allow that. If I try it, my mother in the village will say the village people have followed me to town," she said.

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Peters recently celebrated her three months wedding anniversary with words of prayer.

The actress is popular for her role in productions like "Dominio," "Husbands of Lagos," "Bursting Out," "While You Slept," among others.

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