Why should you watch the must talked about movie

Well, the thing is, its just not of those Nollywood films, its a perfect romantic comedy for the season.

I got to watch the movie at a press screening which held on Wednesday, February 10, 2016, and I had absolute fun.

If the fact that it's a Mildred Okwo film and you loved "The Meeting" doesn't convince you, then check out reasons why you must see the movie which premieres tomorrow, Friday, February 12.


"Suru L'ere" is a typical Nollywood film which would impress both die hard Nollywood fans, and the "I don't watch Nollywood films" group.

If you have always wanted a classy, high quality, true Nollywood story you can relate to, then "Suru L'ere" is just perfect for you.

2. You will discover new talents.

After seeing the movie, you would find yourself asking "where has Seun Ajayi and Gregory Ojefua been?" I personally watched them for the first time in the movie, and I'm definitely interested in seeing more of them on screen.

3. It has unforgettable characters.

You know you have seen a good movie when you leave the cinema hall, and you can still remember the characters. From Seun Ajayi as Arinze, Enyinna Nwigwe as Godstime, Lala Akindoju as Beauty, Gregory Ojefua as Brume, Rita Dominic as Mama Akara, and Beverly Naya as Omosigho.

Each of these characters had something special to offer, also, you would get the opportunity to see your favourite actors as never before.

4. It was directed by Mildred Okwo and co-produced by Rita Dominic.

Okwo and Dominic presented us with the multiple award winning "The Meeting," and that is enough reason for you to check out their latest collaboration.

After the movie, you wouldn't hesitate to describe Okwo as 'the actor's director.'

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5. It features talented actors

Every single actor in the romantic comedy was good. I always though Naya a 'good' actor, but watching her in "Suru L'ere," I realized how talented she can be.

The chemistry between the actors was perfect. The scene where Omosigho offered Arinze dinner has to be one of my favourites - I could feel the connection. It was just natural.

Even the cameo appearances by Dominic and Linda Ejiofor was everything. The acting wasn't forced - It really felt like a true life story.

From Arinze to Brume, Godstime (Snake in Monkey shadow) to Beauty, these characters would find a way to entertain you with their sense of humour.

The movie came with lots of natural and original scenes. Scenes like that of Kenneth Okolie, is just one of the hilarious so-Nigerian scenes.

If you thought you had fun seeing the "The Meeting," "Suru L'ere" will leave you happy and laughing out loud.

7. Suru L'ere proves that you don't need billions of naira to shoot a quality movie.

Who would have thought that the movie was shot in just 10 days, and billions of naria wasn't spent. Now we have a proof that shooting a movie in 10 days doesn't mean it should be crap.

8. It is a flawless production

From its sound to picture quality, direction to every other thing you can think of, "Suru L'ere" is that perfect movie that you indeed must see this year.

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The film directed by undefined follows the life of a young, timid graduate Arinze (played by undefined) desperate to beat his financial burdens. In his journey, he meets a charming go-getter Omosigho (played by undefined). Their meeting shoots off a series of events that pressure Arinze into a get rich quick scheme.

The film features several of Nigeria’s new school actors including undefined, award-winning actor undefinedundefined and undefined. It also features cameo appearances from the movie producer undefined andundefined.