Super story, which is a Nigerian television series drama, was created based on the published magazines of Wale Adenuga. Undoubtedly the television series drama, overtime-- evolved into Nigerias most popular and most watched TV serial.

As a matter of fact, the soundtrack of the television series, which is: "This is Super Story - a life of strife and sorrows/ This is Super Story..." was at a time, a song that compels both interest and attentiveness.

Originally, in the days when innocence still dwells on television, super story was aired on Thursdays at 8 pm on NTA and also on Wap TV.

And at a later time on several other terrestrial and cable networks, the most watched TV serial was also aired. Those were the days when innocence still dwells within the terrain of television.

However, unlike before, the interest for Nigeria’s most popular TV serial-- super story has dropped drastically to the point whereby people no longer know if the program still airs on television.

The once entertaining, educating, and captivating Nigerian TV series, has been relegated to the background.

And, the reason for this downgrading, we shall unravel upon comments of super story faithful.

What happened to super story?

"I have always enjoyed Wale Adenuga's Super Story but the current 'Sister Sister' being aired is one that I do not seem to understand. I appreciate the lessons and societal ills revealed on the program but all of a sudden, I think the program is being dragged unnecessarily."

"We have seen that Nelly caught AIDS from her wayward life but why introduce the twist of her fiancé falling for her sister? Also, why are new people like Chris' old schoolmate still being introduced at this stage when the program should be winding up? "

"At this rate, how do they intend to end this program? As much as I have always liked the stories in Super Story, this one, I'm afraid is becoming rather annoying."

-- Angella

"Feel the same way too. It's become unnecessarily long and boring. It started very well, but I've stopped following for over a month now. Should have wound up after the rescue from the kidnappers or with Nelly dying from AIDS or managing her condition."

"Or maybe its cos its their 10th year anniversary, but still, this one doesn't come close to 'oh father, oh daughter' which IMO is a Super Story classic."

-- Azpeculiar

"I hate d super story "sister, sister" rite now, 1) d twins D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ use Ƒor it were already popular faces so Ƒor me I wasn't excited about d story, 2) it is being dragged unnecessarily, 3) d storyline is a common plot in nollywood movies...

Don't get me wrong, I love d oshadipe twins as musicians but as actress I prefer if D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ use fresh upcoming new


-- Taioluv

With these (comments) in mind, it becomes easier to understand that the "Sister sister" series was not as fascinating as the ones that preceded it. And this, in return, resulted to a great lost of interest in the TV serial.

Be that as it may, the "sister sister" series cannot be said to be the cause of super story’s downgrading. It can only be counted as one of the causes.

Our darling super story started with a classic titled: "Oh father, oh daughter" and continued with fascinating series like: "One bad apple""Itohan", "Omoye""The grasscutter" etc. With these highlighted few, loyalty to the TV serial was enforced without force.

Admittedly, the story lines were deep, mesmerizing, and captivating. Countless adherents were glued to their television every Thursday night to watch the latest episode.

Folks like me who grew up with DRTV Warri, would not miss a spot in front of the television, for anything in the world, on Monday 5 pm.

Indeed, it was more like a date with destiny.

However, some regular Nollywood characters were introduced, and with their introduction, elements of Nollywood movies started displaying themselves.

Additionally, the deep story lines started becoming too shallow and vague with the commencement of newer series. This in return resulted to the cutting short of high expectations. Lack of interest ensued.

And, as a result of these, the once captivating television series, gradually became a program to pass out time.

As for others, the fire of enthusiasm that burns for super story died out with time.

"Talking about favourite seasons, mine was 'Omoye'. I loved that season. Don't know anything about the one that's being aired currently cuz the last time I watched super story was 2007"

-- Tinkybabe

Two Nollywood actresses  who  still reminds us of super story

1. Shola Sobowle

The veteran Yoruba actress, whose popularity became vast when she starred in Wale Adenuga's Super Story  "Toyin Tomato."

Over the years, she had scripted, co-scripted, directed and produced several Nigerian films. She scripted, produced and directed, Ohun Oko Somida, a 2010 Nigerian film that stars Adebayo Salami.

She featured in Dangerous Twins, a 2004 Nigerian drama film produced by Tade Ogidan, written and directed by Niji Akanni.

She also featured in Family on Fire produced and directed by Tade Ogidan. 2016 Wedding party is counted among one of her recent movies.

2. Kehinde Bankole

Although, Kehinde Bankole made her entertainment debut in the 2003 Miss Commonwealth Nigeria beauty contest, then proceeded to the 2004 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant.

But her Nollywood limelight came from the epic television series-- Super story.

She would later win the revelation of the year award at 2009 Best of Nollywood Awards, two years after her first screen feature in Wale Adenuga's Super story.

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