Nollywood actor, Saheed Balogun, is not a happy man at the moment as his ex-wife, actress Fathia Balogun has refused to drop his surname after having been separated for many years. Saheed, we hear, is now ready to drag Fathia to the court to enforce her dropping the name Balogun.

The two thespians, who were married with kids, went their separate ways two years ago after two kids but since then, Fathia has been using the name that brought her fame and fortune and has refused to revert back to her maiden name.

Now, Saheed who actually brought her into the acting business believes she ought to drop his name since they are no more together. He opined that as an ex-wife, she should go back to bearing her family name because once he decides to get married again, his new wife might not find it funny that his ex is still using his name. He is now ready to go it legally and get her to drop his name.

Nevertheless, Fathia has always insisted that her name remains Fathia Balogun and nothing will ever make change the name, not even her estranged husband or the law courts.