In the just concluded fifth season of show, Olivia made her relationship with Fitz public, aborted his baby, broke up with him, hooked up with Jake, convinced Jake to get married, and saved his life by appointing him Mellie's running mate.

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In an interview with TVline, Scott Foley, who plays Ballard on show, spoke on the possibility of Olivia and Jake being together.

According to him, it's absolutely something possible.

"Yes, it’s absolutely something I see. I’ve always said that Jake does these bad things with the Republic’s best interest in mind, but now I’m starting to think he’s also doing a lot of this to find a way for he and Liv to be together," he said.

"He’s gotten sucked up in the past few episodes in being vice president, in Rowan’s plan to make him a viable candidate — whether it’s marrying Vanessa or killing her father for the money. He’s been doing that because he’s been forced to, but in the back of his mind, he’ll do whatever he can to stay around to make sure Olivia knows he’s still there," he added.

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In season five finale, Cyrus Beene was announced as Frankie Vargas' vice presidential running mate, while Jake Ballard was selected as Mellie's running mate, a decision made by Olivia to save his life.

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In March 2016, ABC renewed all Shonda Rhimes' Thursday dramas, from "

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Who do you think Olivia should choose?