Last weeks episode of

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Last night, Thursday, April 21, 2016 presented us with episode 18 titled "Till Death Do Us Part." We have put together four things that happened in episode.

Here we go;

1. Jake has Daddy issues! His father used to beat his mother and raped his sister, which led to his sister's suicide.

2. Rowan saved Jake from spending 10 years in prison for insubordination in the Navy.

3. Jake killed his father before joining B613.

4. Jake reveals to Olivia that Rowan plans for Jake to run as Edison's potential vice president.

5. Jake slept with Olivia few days to his wedding, after revealing that he doesn't love his soon-to-be wife, Vanessa.

6. Olivia and Jake planned to ditch Vanessa at the alter - but then Papa Pope threatened Olivia saying "If this wedding does not go forward, I will slit his throat. He’s the talent in this family, and I’d rather he be dead than mediocre. I’ve already lost a daughter. Like hell if I’m going to let what happened to you happen to my son.”

7. Olivia delivers an impromptu speech on her love for Fitz, describing Jake as a “lesser version of him."

8. Finally, Jake and Vanessa said their vows. So yes, Jake is officially married again!


Watch promo clip below.