How much do you know about Shonda Rhimes hit political show "Scandal?"

We have put together 10 questions only true fans of show will remember and get accurately.

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1. What is Amanda Tanner's proof that she had an affair with the president in "Hell Hath no Fury"?

a) A photograph

b) A pregnancy test result

c) An audio tape

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2.  What was Quinn's name before she chose to be called Quinn?

a) Karen Dwyer

b) Katie Lowie

c) Lindsay Dwyer

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3. What's the name of the government agency run by Papa Pope?

a) B-613

b) C- 734

C) B-13

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4.  Where do Olivia and Fitz first meet?

a) On his campaign to become the republican president

b) On his campaign to become a Governor

c) On his father's campaign to become a president

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5. While campaigning for the presidential election, What did Mellie lie about on national TV to get more votes?

a) A miscarriage

b) Rape

c) Sexual abuse as a kid

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6. Who shot down the plane Maya Lewis (Mama Pope) was on?

a) Fitz

b) Jake

c) Hulk

7. When Abby leaves Olivia Pope & Associates, she gets a new job in the White House as what?

a) White House Press Secretary

b) Chief of White House Correspondents

c) Assistant Adviser to the President

8.  How did Sally Langston kill her husband?

a) She shot him

b) She stabbed him

c) She poisoned him

9. Olivia's team are known as?

a) Gladiators

b) Fixers

c) Suited Fixers

10. What happened to Harrison at the end of season 3?

a) He was shot dead

b) He was kidnapped by Rowan Pope

c) He left the country

1 (C), 2 (C), 3 (A), 4 (A), 5 (A), 6 (A), 7 (A), 8 (A), 9 (A), 10 (A).

Watch a "Scandal" clip below.