Its another Thursday, and we are set to share what we remember from one of our favourite TV series, movie or TV programme.

Today it's all about the hit Spanish telenovela "Rebeca, which was probably one of your first telenovelas.

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Check out five things we remember from series. Here we go;

1. The series focused on Rebeca Linares, a hard-working woman who lived with her mother and her two sisters, Niurka and Patty. Rebecca who dreamt of becoming a teacher, had two jobs working at a food delivery shop, and a cleaner at a car dealership.

2. She met her love interest, billionaire playboy Eduardo Montalban while hurrying to make a delivery. She crashed her delivery truck against his car, and that we all know, sounds like the beginning of a love story.

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3. Every telenovela has that girl obsessed with the lead actor... In "Rebecca," it was the super sexy Princesa.

3. It had one of those different love triangles! Rebecca also met a rich man Sergio (Eduardo's father), who fell in love with her. Father and son fight for her affection.

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4. We remember the weird house keeper Sara. Sara was secretly in love with Sergio. They had a brief affair that led to the birth of Carolina.

5. We absolutely remember the connection between Princesa's brother Nicholas (played the handsome Jorge Luis Pillar, who played Lorenzo Lobos in "Aurora.") and Rebeca's sister, Niurka.

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Watch opening theme song below.