These movies stood out in 2014. They created resounding blurbs and buzz in Nollywood. Most of them garnered countless nominations and awards in diverse categories. They metamorphosed movie making in Nollywood into pure cinematic expressions complete with globally accepted standards for full length movies.

I found my self taking a second watch at these creative works that kept both offline and online community vibrating with excellent output. Without sounding immodest, these game changer flicks are highly recommended for technical viewership for film makers in Nigeria who need to hone their skills further.

Let's look at what made these blockbusters a global hit.

1. Half of a Yellow Sun - Biyi Bandele

Half of a Yellow Sun - Drama, action, explosion, cinematic dexterity, excellent role interpretation, method acting etc. I could go on and on. Despite the initial hitch encountered by the producers before releasing this controversial film in Nigeria, it came out pure and true. The wait was worth it. This historical fiction that portrays civil war love affair will remain the film to beat for a long time in Hollywood, sorry Nollywood. Actually, the film was not made for Nollywood quality, just that the director happens to be a Nigerian. Any objection? Speak up with something better or forever remain silent forever.

2. Accident - Teco Benson

Accident - The only film director in Nigeria with a national award sure understands the twists and turns of movie making. Teco Benson is adored as a thorough-bred professional whose works speak to creativity enthusiasts in volumes. The release of Accident in 2014 instantly established some actors as headliners in Nollywood. The reason it won the best Nigerian movie award in African Movie Academy Awards is obvious. Please grab a copy of this Thriller of the Year and watch at least thrice.

3. Lagos Cougars - Desmond Elliot

Lagos Cougars - This is one of such movies that keep you glued to the screen till the end. The next day, you still want to see it. The untold drama reminds you of those black American feel at home films. The producers dwelt on controversial theme that got the viewing public salivating and asking for more. Complicated seems the perfect description here. Yes, women are a complicated lot. Watch Lagos Cougars again to confirm the cosmopolitan and complicated story produced by Emem Isong.

4. Invasion 1897 - Lancelot Odua Imasuen

Invasion 1897 - A historical epic that captures the humiliation of the ancient Bini kingdom is not what you watch on a regular. The premiere of this movie in cinemas across the world evoked a catharsis in the psyche of the British and Binis. Who haven't heard the story of how the British overpowered the Bini Palace with superior arms, forced the king on exile and carted away precious artifacts? Imasuen, a renowned film director from the Bini kingdom has relived this historical account in motion picture for the benefit of generations to come. The globe has since seen the injustice as it is through the lens of Lancelot Odua Imaseun.

5. Onye Ozi - Obi Emelonye

Onye Ozi (The Messenger) - With two award winning movies, Obi Emelonye has established himself as a breaker from the norm producer. Onye Ozi, as a classic, flashes a fire of hope in stemming  the touted extinction of Igbo language. This Igbo language comedy stars Okey Bakassi as a psycho who bends but won't break. The excitement lies in watching a language movie subtitled in English with all the indices of cinematography. If you chance upon the recently released DVD, do yourself a favour and watch it without delay. The messenger's duty stops at delivering the message.

NB: The list can still be increased if you find a movie similar to the quality and acceptance of the above. Welcome to a new movie year.