'Family Album' [Movie Review] - Adenike O. Adebayo

Plot: It is the day of his sister’s wedding, and an eclectic Greg introduces us to his family, one filled with colorful personalities. Just a few hours after the wedding, the walls of what seems like a fun loving family come crashing down from one dramatic revelation to the other.

Cast: Majid Michel, Eddie Watson, Christable Ekeh, Kalsoume Sinare,  Kofi Adjorlolo , Kafui Danku

Genre: Drama

Review: So there’s one thing common to both Yoruba movies and Ghanaian movies; over-dramatization! Or as the lay-man would say it – over cacu/over sabi. This movie was not an exception. The movie starts out with Majid (Greg) talking to the camera in what was supposed to create an intimate relationship with the movie watcher but this attempt failed because it focused too much on the technicalities and therefore we are left wondering what in the world is going on?

Half way through the movie I had my Aha! Moment and realized two things. Number one, this entire movie is scripted such that all the events took place in one night and number two; this was going to be a long, boring and unnecessarily drawn out movie dominated by bad acting. Boy was I right!

So in these two preceding paragraphs, I have given you an entire summary of the movie. Now let me highlight my points.

  • Over-dramatization: while this could have been a decent movie that’s worthy of one’s time and attention, it was overshadowed by unnecessary script lines, scenes and emphasis by the actors and the director. The movie pretty much got lost in the details.
  • Bad acting: Well, this is quite common in Ghana movies. You’ll have one, maybe two strong actors and the others will be up-coming actors that really can’t act to save their lives. The only reason I sat through the movie was Majid Michel and even he got lost in the midst at some point.
  • Boring: the script writer had good intentions and ideas and but it got lost in the lines and every now and again the movie would fall into a long dragging nothingness until the next scandal was unveiled which jolted our spirits to the realization of the fact that the movie was still unfinished.
  • Bad lines: the lines were poorly written, unbelievable and unrealistic. How in the world will you just find out that your wife was having sex with a man in your bedroom and minutes later tell her you love her, beg her not to leave you, have sex with her and then crown it all by telling her it was the best sex you’d ever had?
  • Costume: Hideous! Or maybe simply outrageous!

Overall I think the screen player, producer and director of this movie need to understand the slogan “less is more.” It’s not a cliché, it’s a fact. If the details in the movie, acting and script had been reduced to the bare minimum, this might just have been a really good movie. Taking into consideration the production quality, set, locations, cast (Majid Michel), cinematography etc, I’d say this movie is just slightly better than average.

If you are looking to pass time and have no interest in paying full attention to a movie, then you can check this movie out but if you want something worthy of your time and money, then please keep moving.

Rating: 6/10

Director: Pascal Amanfo

Producer:  Silverline Productions

is an African movie critique and reviewer extraordinaire. With over one million views on her YouTube channel, her followers have developed a keen eye and a keen ear for what Adenike opines what a good Nollywood movie should be all about. Her involvement in the film and TV industry stems from her love for Nollywood, her degree in Mass Communications and her Juris Doctor degree which provide her a unique technical knowledge as well as brilliant analytical skills as they relate to film.


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