IK Ogbonna is popular for his good looks, and movies like "Playing Safe," "A Wish" among others.

We at Pulse would like to know how much of a dedicated fan you are! Take this Pulse Quiz, and prove your knowledge of actor.

Check answers below;

1. Which of these awards did actor win at the 2015 Abuja International Film Festival?

a) Outstanding Male Actor

b) Best Actor in a Supporting role

c) Best Actor in a Comedy

d)  Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy

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2. Which of these isn’t a movie featuring the actor?

a) Playing Safe

b) A Wish

c) I Come Lagos

d) Weekend Getaway

3. IK  made his first screen appearance in which of these movies?

a) Love Lorn

b) The Search

c) Gold digging

d) Weekend Getaway

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4. Which of these movies was actor's 1st lead role?

a) Ladies Man

b) A Wish

c) Being Mrs Elliott

d)I Come Lagos

5. Which of these movies isn't a 2015 movie of actor?

a) Death Toll

b) Schemers

c) In the Name of Trust

d)  Honeymoon Hotel

Answers: (1) A. (2) D. (3) A (4) B. (5) D.

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