How well do you know the talented veteran? Take this quiz below, and prove your knowledge of actor.

1. Which of these movies doesn't feature actor?

a) Ajani Ogun

b) Sango

c) Everybody Wants to Know

d) Most Wanted

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2. Antar Laniyan kicked off his acting career professionally in what year?

a) 1980

b) 1989

c) 1977

d)  1964

3. In which of these films did actor play his major movie role?

a) Everybody Want to Know

b) Ikari

c) Sango

d) Ajani Ogun

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4. Which of these Super Story was directed by the filmmaker?

a) Oh Father oh Daughter

b) Sister Sister

c) Face of Deciet

d) Tangled

5. Which of these TV series is directed by Antar?

a) Gamesters

b) Aye Alaye

c) L'ayelorun

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Answers: (1) A. (2) A. (3) A (4) A. (5) A.

Watch Antar in trailer below.