Pulse readers say their favourite character from the classic comedy series “Papa Ajasco & Company” is the leading man of the show Papa Ajasco.

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Our readers were asked who their best character from the drama was. They were also given the options of voting from the shows lead characters: Papa Ajasco, Mama Ajasco, Boy Alinco, Miss Pepeye, Pa James and Ajasco. The results of this poll saw Papa Ajasco leading the polls with 29.2% of the votes, closely followed by him was Boy Alinco and Pa James with 25% of the votes, Mama Ajasco gathered 12.5% while Miss Pepeye and Ajasco received the list votes at 4.2%.

“Papa Ajasco & Company” is about the Ajasco family. The TV drama follows the lives of the family and their interactions with their friend and neighbours. Renowned producer and creator of the “Super Story” series Wale Adenuga created the show.

Papa Ajasco is known for his signature fashion statement, which saw him, wearing a shirt and tie with a wrapper instead of trousers. Although he’s a family man, Papa Ajasco is also known to have a weakness for beautiful women.

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