Unlike the first two which were released in 2009 and 2013, "Alakada Reloaded" is headed to the cinemas, and considering the success of star-studded comedy movies in recent times, Aimakhu is headed towards the right direction.

Just like the first two movies, "Alakada Reloaded" follows the story of Yetunde Animashaun, a young girl from a poor family background.

As a result of her inferiority complex and societal pressure, she makes up stories about her financial status in order to fit in with the crowd.

To add flesh to "Alakada Reloaded," there's a reality show which is intended to be like Big Brother Naija, and which sees Yetunde living in the same house with people from different walks of life.

For "Alakada Reloaded," Aimakhu assembles an impressive cast that includes Odunlade Adekola, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Iyabo Ojo,Kehinde Bankole, Woli Arole, Nedu OAP, Helen Paul, Lilian Esoro, Annie Idibia, Bidemi Kosoko, Liz Da Silva, Gabriel Afolayan, Comedian Ebiye among others.

On the surface, this could be your typical Nollywood movie about ladies that live above their means or claim a fake lifestyle to fit into the society.

But, beneath the humour lies a story about self-doubt, low self-esteem and societal pressure. It also a comedy movie that humorously educates its viewers on breast cancer, self-acceptance and social media scam/security.

"Alakada Reloaded" possesses quite a number of forgettable and unnecessary cast, but despite this, there are some characters that still shine.

You get the performance you expect from Odunlade Adekola, who steals the scene the moment he makes his dramatic and effortlessly hilarious entrance.

Irrespective of her often exaggerated actions, Aimakhu uses the Yoruba indigenous language and apt facial expressions to induce laughter from viewers as Yetunde.

Other spot-on characters and performances from Kehinde Bankole as Tina, Bolaji Amusan as Yetunde's father, Odunlade Adekola, Gabriel Afolayan as Fola and Lilian Esoro as Loretta elevate "Alakada Reloaded" to its intended genre - comedy.

"Alakada Reloaded's positive qualities are however threatened by the weight of an eye-rolling storyline and editing.

The reality show and housemates portrayed in "Alakada Reloaded" are unimaginable. In an attempt to project a believable reality show - busy and occupied- unnecessary characters are cast as 'housemates.'

The editing is done in a way that makes it impossible for the story to fully come together, causing disconnection in character development.

At various scenes, "Alakada" came off as a comedy movie that was maybe intended to be skits, as little or no attention is paid to proper editing.

Yetunde's relationship with Ebiye's friend whom she had introduced as her fiancé could have been used to further develop her character, or probably used to explore the likelihood of a consequence of some of her actions.

Yoruba movies are popular for their hilarious subtitles and if "Alakada Reloaded" wasn't produced to give viewers a cinematic experience, I would consider blunders such as "raps of fufu," "why the result me" and absence of subtitles in scenes that require them, a norm that should be ignored.

You may cringe from time to time, but there are some truly amusing scenes in "Alakada Reloaded," delivered by quite a number of tableted cast.

"Alakada Reloaded" debuts on May 26, 2017.