Based on the same premise with "Batman vs Superman," "Civil War" presents us with another fight between two superheroes on different sides of the battle-lines, with the need to prove that the other is wrong.

The movie kicks off with the Avengers accidentally blowing up a building in Wakanda, getting civilians killed. Following the accident, the Government wants the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes put on leash. While the government has Iron Man on their side, Captain America is against the bill.

Before the Avengers can pull off a damage control move, Winter Soldier (Bucky) becomes a suspect in an assassination that has newcomer Black Panther on his trail.

While Captain America is determined to protect his friend, Iron Man is determined to ensure that the Avengers are put on the leash, and the war begins.


The action comic movie not only holds the finest fight scenes either of the two superheros have been in, directors Anthony and Joe Russo somehow finds a way to make a film with a dozen superheroes, multiple plot threads and sub-plots, without leaving the viewers confused or bored.

"Captain America: Civil War" is that superhero film that doesn't come with cities being dropped from the sky, humanity being threatened, or an alien in form of a villain. The central villain is one you can understand and relate with, depending on how you view his arguments, as both Captain America and Iron Man show validity behind their actions

The superhero movie also brings an emotional angle to its story; an angle set out to divide fans. The central clash between Captain America and Iron Man is a fight that threatens to divide the fans, while destroying the teamwork built in past“Avengers” movies.

Can we talk about that airport runway scene? That epic fight scene will go done as one the best superhero brawls to date. It explores every of the superhero's strengths and weaknesses, to prevent fans with the perfect superhero movie.

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One more exciting thing about the superhero movie is its newcomers; Black Panther(Chadwick Boseman) and Spider Man (Tom Holland).

Chadwick Boseman delivers a fantastic and likable brutal hero after revenge, and any fight scene involving him is every shade of awesome.

With an epic suit and unforgettable fight scenes, Holland offer viewers the best intriguing and likable Spiderman ever. With his never ending sense of humour and intelligence, Holland is an awesome combination of Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker and Andrew Garfield’s interpretation of character.

In my opinion, Hawkeye should have remained retired - not that he isn't good, but he just doesn't contribute much to the plot. While he doesn't have a lot of scenes, he delivers whenever he comes on scene, and it's absolutely impossible not to love his fight scene with Vision.

Ant-Man doesn't add much to the story, except of course some funny moments. It's also exciting to learn his ability to not only shrink in size, but to also expand.

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Difference between "Batman vs Superman?" "Civil War" offers a coherent action, and we totally understand why our superheroes are fighting.

While it may not rival "The Dark Knight" as the greatest comic book film of all time, "Captain America: Civil War" is one of the greatest movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe - a movie which offers the kind of awesome superhero face-off every comics fan crave for.

By the end of the film, it's difficult and impossible deciding who was right and who was wrong.

Watch "Captain America" trailer below.