Every story needs some kind of tension between the good guys and the bad guys, and Nollywood has created some perfect villains.

Over the years, there are Nollywood actors who have been the perfect villains. They cause trouble, steal the spotlight with their evil ways, wipe out an entire village, poison their husband, and bring out emotions from viewers.

In no particular order, check out eight Nollywood actors, who were once popular for their villainous ways.

Here we go;

1. Patience Ozokwor

From being an evil mother to being an evil mother-in-law, Ozokwor is always the perfect candidate for a female villain. Some of her movies include "Blood Sisters," "Mama Cash," "Lions Den" among others. The actress' villainous character is just that mother-in-law you don't want to have in a movie or reality.

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2. Emeka Ani

One of Nolllywood greatest herbalist cast, the actor is that native doctor you don't want your enemy to visit. From being the evil uncle in the village, the rich uncle in the city, a herbalist in the shrine to being that evil supporting character, Emeka Ani was one of the best villains to grace our screens.

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3. Segun Arinze

From the days of "Vuga," "Silent Night," "To Rise Again," Darkest Night" to the days of "A Place in the Stars," Segun Arinze's villainous character is that drug baron or armed robber you don't want to cross.

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4. Liz Benson

Before she became our "Mother Dearest," the actress was once that perfect entertaining villain on screen. Remembering the days of "Izaga," "True Confession," "Hour Grace," the talented veteran was one perfect wicked step-mother, best friend, wife and all on screen.

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5. Franca Brown

Before Patience Ozokwor, there was Franca Brown! Who can forget her role as Ernest Obi's step-mother and Pete Edochie's wife? From her mannerism to depiction of any given character, the actress was once the perfect villain to watch on screen.

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6. Pete Edochie

Call him the greatest villain of all time and you won't be far from the truth. He is that movie villain capable of wiping a whole village, and still remain calm. With Pete as a villain, fans are always sure of deep proverbs, blood shed, native doctor visitation, human sacrifices among other evil acts you can think of.

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7. Chinwetalu Agu

Most Nigerians have that one uncle they know defines evil, that one uncle they avoid whenever they visit home - that uncle is Chinwtalu Agu as a villain in movies. He has creative ways of wiping a whole family, creative ways of announcing his plans, he's just creatively evil on screen. He's that uncle you don't want to be flaunt your riches before him, that uncle you don't want to get into a land dispute with. He's just that uncle you don't want to have.

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8. Wale Adebayo

Popular for giving the deity "Sango" a face in the entertainment industry, Wale Adebayo is that evil police man, lecturer, step-father you just don't want to meet in reaity. A super talented actor, Adebayo is always an interesting antagonist to watch on screen.

Who should have made the list? Which of these is your favourite villain ever?