There are two kinds of people – the ones who watch Telemundo and its telenovelas for fun, and the ones who are utterly obsessed with them.

All thanks to the DSTV channel Telemundo Africa, Telenovela dramas are easily available for fans, unlike the days of "When You're Mine," " Second Chance," " The Rich Also Cry" among others.

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From "My Heart Beats for Lola," "Queen of Hearts," "Fearless Hearts," and "Behind Closed Doors," there are countless telenovelas that have entertained Nigerians and Africa as a whole in recent times.

How obsessed are you with these shows? Check out eights signs you're really obsessed.

Here we go;

1. You follow each episode during the weekdays, watch their recaps at night, and still watch the weekend recaps.

This has to to be the perfect definition of obsession! When you're obsessed with a show on Telemundo, watching it Monday to Friday, does little or nothing to satisfy your thirst. You crave to watch it all over on weekends.

2. You set the photo of a Telemundo star as your display picture on various social media platforms.

Throwback to the days of "Second Chance," "When You're Mine," and even to the early days of Telemundo, when people proudly used their favourite telenovela star as their display photos.

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3. You change your Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, Instagram profile name to that of a telenovela star.

Yes! People once used or probably still use the name of their favourite character as their social media handle.

4. You can recite just about any opening theme song at a spot.

You can be rest assured that there are Nigerians/Africans who can recite the Spanish opening theme songs of these telenovelas - from Enrique Iglesias' "Baliando" for " Queen of Hearts," to the 'interesting' "My Heart Beats for Lola" soundtrack.

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5. You sometimes skip out on sleep to stay up and watch the show.

Skipping out on sleep after a busy day to watch an episode of a telenovela is one major sign of a huge kind of obsession.

6. You get your fashion or daily habit inspiration from Telemundo shows.

From dressing like a Latino to talking like one after an episode, that's enough to make you realize you are obsessed.

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7. You have dreams about what's going to happen in an upcoming episode.

We get it! It can be difficult wondering if Lola will discover Andrea's unfaithfulness in the next episode of "My Heart beats for Lola," but, if you go to bed thinking and dreaming about it, then you're just one obsessed telenovela addict.

8. You know the biography of 60% of popular Telemundo stars.

You probably know about Ben Affleck's divorce because it was all over your face online. But then, we don't get to have stories on most of these Telenovela stars all over our faces. So, if you know what year Marrio Cimarro divorced his wife Natalie Streignard, or when Gaby Espino broke up with Jencarlos Canela, then you're just obsessed.

Watch a "Second Chance" clip below.