With her high-drama level and charisma, the Lyon family matriarch

Thanks to EbonyLife TV, one can dream of an African adaptation of any TV series, so why not "Empire?"

It’s hard to imagine any other female actor as Cookie, but, if Nollywood were to have its adaptation of the hit Fox series, who would you cast as your Cookie Lyon?

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Cookie Lyon is feisty, daring, dramatic, and strong. Check out 5 actors we think will make a perfect Cookie Lyon.

Here we go;

1. Funke Akindele

The name Funke has to be the first that comes to mind. The actress without doubt has the ability to bring the feisty and daring character to life. We can picture her effortlessly saying "booboo Kitty" like she was born to do just that.


2. Bimbo Akintola

From the days of "Keeping Faith," "Out of Bounds," "Diamond Ring," to the days of "The Antique," Akintola is still without doubt one of the most talented Nigerian actors, and she would have no difficulty bringing the dramatic and passionate Cookie Lyon to life.

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3. Nse Ikpe-Etim

Who better to cast as a dramatic, 'crazy,' feisty character than Nse Ikpe-Etim, who has had us in love with her skills since the days of "Guilty Pleasures," "Reloaded," "Mr and Mrs," and "Phone Swap."  Can't you picture her 'resetting' her son's brain with a slap or a broom?

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4. Uche Jombo

Yes! Jombo is one actress who pulls off 'crazy' without even trying. She could be the typical 'mother Cookie,' and we are sure she can throw shoes better than Cookie. The actress who was off the movie scene for a while, made a dramatic return with the comedy "Wives on Strike," and she's still as dramatic as we remember her in "Mrs Somebody."

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5. Mercy Aigbe

A self proclaimed 'razz' actress, we think Mercy Aigbe has what it takes to bring a feisty, dramatic, strong character to life.

Who should be on the list?

Which of these characters do you think would make the perfect Cookie Lyon?