We have seen them all... The endless boring posters that turn out to be just a finishing against a background, and the creative, amusing and entertaining posters that create awareness of a film’s existence.

The majority of Nollywood movie posters simply use photoshop, picmix applications among others to pair characters of a movie together, creating posters they consider 'suitable' promotion materials.

While aimed at catching attention, a good poster should be artistic, attractive, and creative.

We have put together a list of our 12 best Nollywood posters in the last three years.

Check them out below, and share yours below.

1. "Suru L'ere"

The poster for the romantic comedy movie hints the hilarious nature of the movie and also features the cast of the movie with their goofy expressions on.

There's definitely a lot going on in the poster, but the characters facial expression is an automatic attention-grabber.

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2. "Falling"

Sometimes you need the bright colours, fonts, and an attractive arresting photo, and that was what "Falling" offered. This shot of Adesua Etomi, Kunle Remy and Blossom Chukwujekwu, is certainly descriptive enough to illustrate a woman in a love triangle.

3. "30 Days in Atlanta"

A simple poster that doesn't try too hard to interest, "30 Days in Atlanta" still presents a poster that promises hilarious moments as expected from a comedy movie.

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4. "The Antique"

There is probably nothing 'fancy' about this poster, but it is just jazzy enough to capture an intelligent mind, and sometimes that's all you need. With its color, the poster encapsulates its genre and era.

5. "Dry"

The emotions, the catchline, the colour, everything about the poster communicates a psychological and emotional drama.  It’s simple, but rich and enticing.


6. "The Arbitration"

The design is clean, crisp, and with the striking photo of Etomi and Ukeje, you are left in no doubt about what sort of film it is. It is a movie that would have you taking sides - and with a catchline like 'there are three sides to every story, the poster does justice to the movie.

7. "The Mirror Boy"

A poster dominated by very cool photography that arouses interest, the characters are framed by a human illustration.

8. "Maami"

Giving the actors that bring the magic to movie their deserved space, the poster presents one combined with a captivating crude but urban photography.  A poster that tells the story of a happy but struggling mother. A very appealing poster.

9. "76"

A poster controlled by simple photography, it has an intriguing factor, and a shot that mirrors the 1976 era in Nigeria.

10. "The CEO"

The poster for the 2016 movie succeeded to remain free of any floating heads while passing the movie's theme. It is simply artistic, and still an attention grabber.


11. "Ojuju"

There is no mistaking this for a romantic comedy. A colourful and attractive poster, "Ojuju" presented us with a great work of graphic design for a horror thriller.

12. "October 1"

Retaining the simplicity of a movie poster, "October 1" adds a shot of colour that effortlessly encapsulates the era.