Linda Ejiofor Talks Finding Love on Tinsel

Linda Ejiofor talks on finding love on Tinsel, Nollywood, career and 'fifty shades of Black' project.

The beautiful and talented actress, Linda Ejiofor was a guest at the Pulse TV studio where she spoke about her acting career, challenges facing Nollywood, Finding love on Tinsel set, the 'Fifty Shades of Black' project, and lots of interesting topics.

The Abia State born actress has kept us entertained for years with her character Bimpe in the award winning TV series 'Tinsel'.

Linda also won the love of many with her outstanding character as 'Ejura' in the award winning movie 'The Meeting'.

Read Interview below.

How Did You Begin Your Acting Career?

I was modeling part time after I finished school and a friend of mine told me about the M-Net audition, which I went for, auditioned and I landed the role Bimpe Adekoye in 2008.

Ever since then, I have been Bimpe Adekoye on Tinsel.

And 2years later, Mildred Okwo was watching Tinsel, saw me, and called me for a role in the award winning movie ‘The Meeting’.

So I went, did the audition, did the reading, I ran as fast as I could and I landed the role Ejura in the meeting.

And after that, several other movies have been coming in, that’s how I started.

How has it been Playing the Lovable Bimpe Adekoye on Tinsel?

First of all, let me clear the impression that everybody loves Bimpe. Not everybody loves me. People hate me.

At first, they didn’t like me because Bimpe is manipulative cunning and she is just her.

How have I been coping? At first I couldn’t be Bimpe, but a writer who I kept complaining to,  gave me an advice.

She said ‘For you to love this character, for you to make people to love the character, you have to understand her and where she is coming from’.

And ever since then, I have loved Bimpe and I have been Bimpe sometimes.

Are There Similarities Between Bimpe and Linda?

There wasn’t at first, but seriously, you have played someone for 7 years, you will definitely start having traits of the character you have been playing.

So yes, I am naughty, cheeky. Yes, those are the two things I can think of. But the dumb part? No.

How Would You Describe Your Transition from the Small Screen to the Big Screen, and Which is More Challenging?

Like I said earlier, I will give Mildred Okwo and Rita Dominic all the credit. I am speccheless. I don’t even know what to say.

Without them, I would not have moved from the small screen to the big screen.

It has been exciting, challenging. Something I always look forward to.

They both have their challenges, I don’t think I will choose any over the other. It’s my job and I love doing my job.

What are the Challenges that Come With Being A Celebrity?

I will say you don’t get to do some certain things. Like, you can’t wear flat shoes or flat slippers to an event.

Even when you wear heels, you can’t take it off.

You can’t go to some certain place, you can’t wear some certain things, you can’t fly bike (though some people do that).

Basically your life isn’t yours anymore, you have decided that you want the public to see you.

You just can’t have your privacy.

How Do You Handle The Fame?

Well, I would love to say that I was brought up well by my parents. I don’t feel too big because without my fans I won’t be recognized.

I smile whenever people call me by my name or character name, I talk to them, take pictures if necessary, take pictures with their kids.

I would love to say that I handle it pretty well.

What are the Challenges Facing Nollywood?

There are challenges like script; we have seen so very bad script.

There are some bad scripts that you would bring to an actor and he or she will refuse, because they don’t want to be associated with such work.

Directing is improving, lighting, we see some movies being shown in the cinema, so I think the most challenge we have in the industry right now is script.

And also casting.

What Do You Mean by Casting?

Casting like the wrong person for a role. Maybe the person does not really suite that character.. You know what I mean.

Is Linda Single or in a Relationship?

Linda is single for now and she is not searching.

What Qualities Do You Look Out For in a Man?

I know he has to be God fearing.

He has to respect me and respect my work.

Love me, have a great sense of humor, would love to do the things I do, like stay at home because I love to stay home.

But if he chooses to go out, then fine, but we will have fun together.

I am not a ‘Tall dark and handsome Person’. He has to be good looking shaa (laughs) before my children will swear for me.

Who is Your Celebrity Crush?

I have two actually. There is Shawn Faqua, he was in Lagos Cougars and OC Ukeje.

What Exactly is Your Relationship With Shawn Faqua?

He is my best friend, my Nigga, my die hard friend. Someone I can run to and talk to about the worst of anything I am going through.

So, we are very good friends.

What Do You Think Of Tinsel as a Place Where People Find Love?

(Laughs) I am glad that Tinsel is an avenue for people to find love, and it is not like they make it happen.

They didn’t go there in the hope that they will find their spouse there, but I am glad that people are meeting up there, getting to fall in love, proposing , getting married and having kids.

Do You Think You Will Find Your Own Spouse There?

Whether I will be finding my own love here, I don’t know.

You know you make one plan and God has another plan for you. So, I am just leaving it open.

Who are Your Role Models in the Industry?

I always look up to Mildred Okwo, Rita Dominic, Omoni Oboli, Uche Jombo... Directors like Tope Oshin Ogun, Michelle Bello.

I love love  love Genevieve Nnaji, and Mercy Johnson.

Tell Us Five Things We Don't Know About You.

I love Eba. I Love to sleep than to go out.

I would prefer snickers to heels anytime, any day.

I am kind of shy.  People find it hard to believe.

I am Nigerian and not white. My father and Mother are from Abia State, so I am not mixed in any way.  I am proudly Ibo.

Tell Us About the 'Fifty Shades of Black' Project.

You know, we see thing these days where people are going the extra mile to change their skin color.

Some people are changing it to light skin, you see someone who was formally dark skinned going to be light skinned.

And they don’t know the precaution they will find themselves in future years.

When Beverly called me, I was happy that someone has decided to speak up and talk to our young girls who will finally grow up to become black and beautiful girls to be proud of their skins.

It is basically telling young girls that they should be proud of their skin. Whether they are really dark or chocolate or light skinned like me.

You are changing your color from dark skinned to light skinned, light skinned have problems. You have to maintain the skin and it is not easy. So, just be proud of your skin color.

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