Chika Chukwu Talks Music Career, Nollywood and 'Being Mrs Elliott'

Remember her from 'Fuji House of Commotion'? The filmmaker was a guest at the Pulse TV studio.

The beautiful and amazingly  talented actress, Chika Chukwu was a guest at the Pulse TV studio where she spoke about her music career, Nollywood, similarities between her movie characters and the real Chika Chukwu, and many other interesting topics.

The actress and singer came into spotlight with the popular family TV series ' Fuji House of Commotion'. She entertained us for years with her character Jumoke in the award winning TV series 'Fuji House of Commotion'.

She is popular for 'Fuji House of commotion' The Meeting' Being Mrs Elliott' Unconditional' Under Your Skin' and other must watch films.

Read Full interview below.

How Did You Begin Your Acting Career?

I think I have always known I would end up here.

As a little girl, I saw The Sound of Music and I saw Julie Andrew in it, then I saw a music video of one of her songs, which meant she is an actress and a singer, and I thought ' I can do that'.

I don't think I ever stopped thinking it.

I have always always wanted to be in the movie industry.

Tell Us About Your Character in Fuji House of Commotion.

I am a first child as Chika Chukwu, which means I get to be the one who is responsible, I straight-up cannot misbehave. But as Jumoke in Fuji, I had fun. (laughs)

Jumoke was my chance to be a naughty girl, exist in a polygamous family where there is chaos and  love.

Even when we are not in Fuji house, we address each other as siblings, and our parents as parents. So I had fun.

The late Amaka Igwe was awesome. She gave me the opportunity to be on screen, even when I took a break to go to the Uni in England.

Chika is also a  Singer, Tell Us About Your Singing Career.

Yes I am also a singer. I'm working on my album ; Live, Love and Leap.

I want the songs I do to encourage people to live their lives for today.  Learn to love, there is so much hate out there.

People spend so much time hating and being nasty to each other. Take a chance on something, take a chance on you, don't wait for people to do something for you.

The late Sammy Needle gave me an opportunity to sing in his band. After that, I started doing sound tracks for Nollywood films.

After that, my friend Jeta Amata encouraged me to start doing soundtracks of my own. I did my first soundtrack, written by me for the movie 'Tears of a Woman'.

After that, I met Eedris Abdulkareem, he took me under his wings. He is like my big brother, he gave me an opportunity to tour Africa with him.

My last show with him was in 2004 in England. All of the songs I did with Eedris actually meant something to me.

Eventually, when I got back to Nigeria, I wanted to do my own kind of song, so I decided to make a Neo Soul album.

I have just had a single out and a video too,  I have a few other singles out. It has been a solo push so far.

How Do You Feel Being a Part 'Being Mrs Elliott' Movie?

I feel great, I have been quite lucky my whole career to do films and series that have done well. I got the script from Omoni Oboli, I read the script and I thought 'I have to be lucid to take this character seriously' and I said to her 'I'd love to do this'.

My character Ada is an obnoxious, full of herself, speaks well, has the bourgeois thing going on, has everything going for herself, obviously upper class kind of lady , but then, she is in everybody's business.

Is Chika like that? I am not exactly like that, I am friendly, warm and in everybody's business. (laughs).

The movie had a presidential screening and there was a very warm welcoming feeling that came with the presidential premiere. I was humbled and I totally had fun.

I am happy for Omoni Oboli and I can't wait to do another project together.

What is Your Take on Nudity in Nollywood?

Why is it specifically about Nollywood. There is nudity in Hollywood and even Bollywood now. Is the focus supposed to be the nudity in Nollywood or the increase in better works coming out from Nollywood?

I think the attitude should be 'cheer on Nollywood'.

Nudity is censored, if you are not up to age, then don't watch it. I think an artist should actually have the freedom to create and be creative.

If the character needs you to be nude or come across as sensual, fine, that is what embodies the character.

So far it is done tastefully, I'm good with it.

What Do You Think of the Term 'New Nollywood' and 'Old Nollywood''?

I think it's all Nollywood, obviously there are lots of new film makers coming into the industry and they are mixing  with old film makers. Experience differs, and  lately we are learning to work together.

My attitude toward work is, if we work together in unison to create positivity, I'm all for it.

Is Andrea Single, Engaged or Married?

Andrea Chika Chukwu is very happy and I'm sure that I'm making someone happy. Somebody makes me happy and I am making someone happy.

Do You Have Plans of Directing?

Producing my own movie is top on my list. Directing isn't something I am pushing for right now, I enjoy Assistant directing because I am very good at multi tasking and trying to make sure things work together . Calling the big shots, (mmm) that is something I haven't grown passionate for.

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