Recently, the final episodes of the ongoing season of

The executive producer of the show, 50 Cent, took to Instagram to say that Starz is accusing him of leaking the episodes.

"STARZ thinks I leaked my own show," he wrote with an angry emoji.

However, after the ratings of last week’s episode went up by 10 percent, 50 Cent came out to accept that he leaked those episodes.

"Powerratings up another 10 percent for episode 408. They glad I leaked the shit now," he posted.

This won't be the first time the actor has pulled a stunt to promote the show. In 2016, 50 Cent was angry when his penis was used in a masturbation scene, allegedly without his permission.

Recently, he threw a shade at "Empire," compared "Game of Thrones" with "Power," and got into an argument with Gabrielle Union after he said he was coming for BET - the network which airs "Being Mary Jane."

50 has been in disagreement with Starz severally and has spoken about getting "Power" on another network.

In December of 2016, 50 Cent said he would no longer promote the show outside of his contractual obligations after what he described as a Golden Globes snub. 

So far, "Power" is still one of the most successful series. Its fourth season premiere drew 1.68 million viewers.