Fast And Furious star, Paul Walker, is no more but a new detail emerging today as the cause of his death is suspected to have been a mechanical failure with the car. According to TMZ, the exotic sports car in which the actor violently died on Saturday, Nov 30 may have suffered a steering fluid leak.

Evidence of a fluid burst and subsequent fluid trail was spotted before the skid marks at the accident scene in Los Angeles. A source at Always Evolving Automotive – the shop co-owned by Walker and the Porche driver Roger Rodaz - reportedly mentioned to gossip site TMZ that ‘there is a noticeable absence of skid marks until just before the point of impact’.

However, despite speculations that Rodaz [the driver] might have lost control during the drive, sources are saying, “if Roger had lost control the skid marks would show swerving, but instead the marks were in a straight line”. This means, the driver was in total control of the car, something else went wrong.

Workers at the auto shop are insisting that the speed at which the flames spread in the front of the  car instead of starting at the back where the engine is, only goes to confirm that a fluid leak of ‘some sort’ may have caused the tragedy.

According to latest reports from TMZ, “the $500,000 Carrera GT was not modified and was driven rarely so they [AEA workers] believe any failure must be a factory defect.”

As one source put it ... "Roger was a world class driver" -- and while he might have been speeding (as cops have said) ... the notion he just lost control is preposterous.

More details on Paul Walker and Roger Rodaz tragic death would pop up asap. Stay with us.