Every Nollywood practitioner is of the opinion that piracy is a major problem facing the industry.

Veteran Paul Obazele has boldly and angrily stated that thegovernment is involved in the menace.

The "Iyore" actor stated this in a recent interview with HIP TV.

I say it boldly, If government is not involved in piracy, why are they not prosecuting people? The people who travel abroad and they carry our things, how do they get the right and permit they get to sell our products out there. We have given them enough information, what are they doing?"

"What do you give to NCC as subvention? Are they going to use their blood to fight piracy? Who is fooling who? Who is the thief if not government.”

“Don’t edit it. Let them take me to court, I’m ready,” he added.

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On Monday, April 13, 2015,

Kunle took to his Instagram page to alert fans and plead with them not to purchase movie. Following his plea, some Nollywood filmmakers went on a march against piracy in support of Afolayan.

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Other pirated Nollywood films include  undefined Nollywood movie of all time ," which was stolen and sold by a staff of Silverbird Cinemas.

Watch interview below.