Oscar Award nominee Djimon Hounsou says there is nothing called, 'the year for black people at the Oscars' if they actually deserve what they are getting. His statement comes over alleged criticisms in Hollywood where black actors are been termed a 'movie trend' to the Oscars.

The Blood Diamonds star blasts the so called trend saying the 'preoccupation with race is ridiculous' in a pep talk with gossip site TMZ yesterday.

According to reports, "There's a lot of talk in Hollywood about what some think is a movie trend ... triggered by 12 Years a Slave and The Butler. Even though Hollywood loves trends, and fact is there has been a batch of movies where African American actors got lots of acclaim; it’s still no reason enough for some critics to attach racy comments to it.

In addition to "12 Years" and "The Butler," there's "Captain Phillips," "Fruitvale Station," and "Mandela" who all gained more than three nominations at this year’s Oscar Awards.

So guys, just because the black brothers did a fantastic job in their various films, does Hollywood's 'black movie trend' suffice?