Nigerian actress

Her 2017 works "Isoken," "Bariga Sugar" and "Okafor's Law" serve as a reminder of her talent and we are once again reminded of how they have been taken for granted for far too long.

She is unarguably the best actress of 2017 so far.  She has delivered the kind of talent and range that none of the actresses have been able to match this year.

In the critically acclaimed comedy movie "Isoken," Mba puts her heart in her role as Isoken's mother,and the audience is left with no choice but to follow her on her hilarious but realistic interpretation of a typical Nigerian mother.

She brought a certain level of enthusiasm that made her character easy to watch. As a mother who couldn't wait to see her first daughter married, she captivates the audience with her every line and gesture, ensuring that their remained attached to the film.

In "Bariga Sugar," she delivers a fantastic performance as a pimp who runs a brothel. She brings the right energy and attitude fitting for a 'madam' in her line of business.

As Chuks mother in "Okafor's  Law," she dishes out fine comedic moments, bringing the right amount of humour with her dramatic performance.

Tina Mba has enjoyed a lengthy career both on stage and on screen. She has landed the well-written roles and she has interpreted them appropriately.

So, why doesn't she get the recognition which her works over the years deserve?

Every year around the awards season, actors who have delivered outstanding performances get nominated. But for years, the name Tina Mba was missing from major nominees list, until recently.

The actress was nominated for the 2017 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards Best Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in the Niyi Akinmolayan comedy movie, "Meet the In-Laws."

From "Make a Move" to "Tango with Me" , Mba has delivered performances that should have seen her lead an award season.

Unlike her peers, some who have descended into leading average movies, Mba has remained relevant and selective of her movies and roles.

Her versatility over the years is unparalleled and deserves more recognition and credit than she gets.

Tina Mba is just a reminder that sometimes the best of them just aren’t valued as they should be.