The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards have announced its nominees.

As happens every year, some of the nominees for this year’s awards are less deserving of awards and praise than others.

We have had shocking years where IK Ogbonna got nominated and Elvis Chuks won an award, but the AMVCA has never had an underwhelming and embarrassing list as this year's.

Members of the Jury sat down to scratch their heads trying to decide which of this year’s movies deserve to take home the big prize, and in the process, they made certain shocking and horrible decisions, nominating movies that have no place on the list, ignoring brilliant movies and taking a step backward from authenticity.

I have put together some surprising and shocking AMVCA 2017 nominations and snubs.

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1. AY Makun and "A Trip to Jamaica"

The most undeserving nomination this year is "A Trip to Jamaica" in all categories it was nominated. It is probably a fun popcorn movie considering its box office success, but it’s total fluff. Form its story, visual and sound effects, there’s nothing special about it.

It's acceptable for Makun to attribute the success of the movie to 'grace,' but it is completely unacceptable for a prestigious and respected platform as AMVCA to validate such mediocrity as "A Trip to Jamaica."

AY Makun and Robert Peters successfully whipped up a predictable plot, dominated by cliches and horrible performances, and AMVCA Judges thought it deserved several spots on their nominees list including Best Writer, Best Actress in a Comedy, Best Actor in a Comedy, Best Director and Best Movie West Africa.

At the 2016 Africa International Film Festival,O pa Williams attributed the success of "A Trip to Jamaica" to its good screenplay. I found it disappointing that a filmmaker would think such. There are several factors that determine the box office of a movie, and sometimes, good screenplay has nothing to do with it.

2. Niyi Akinmolayan shut out of the Best Director Category

Akinmolayan failed to break into the race for one of the best movies of the year "The Arbitration." The film itself was also shut out of the best movie category, as were lead actor OC Ukeje and supporting actresses Somkele Idhalama and Ireti Doyle.

Robert Peters got a nomination for "A Trip to Jamaica," and Akinmolayan was ignored for directing one of the most brilliant movies of 2016. "A Trip to Jamaica" got a best movie West Africa nomination and there was no room for "The Arbitration" or Femi Odugbemi and "Gidi Blues."

This is not shocking. It is simply embarrassing and questions the authority of the 'prestigious award.'

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3. Chioma Chukwuka and Omoni Oboli

I’m not on the "Wives on Strike-Worst-Movie-of-the-Year" bandwagon. I think it was decent, and so were the performances. But, Omoni Oboli and Chukwuka didn't deliver award-worthy performances in the movie. Their interpretation of their roles was basic and not captivating in any way. But for some reason, AMVCA Judges thought otherwise.

In retrospect to the comedy movies released this year, I would love to believe that Oboli, Chukwuka, Uche Jombo and Funke Akindele for "A Trip to Jamaica" were nominated for lack of better options.

4. Adunni Ade

Unlike most categories, there were better options. There was Somkele Idhalama for her role as Omawunmi in "The Arbitration," there was Ireti Doyle for her supporting role in "The Arbitration." What happened to Nancy Isime for her role in "Gidi Blues?"

Ade's interpretation of her role as the wedding planner in "It's Her Day" is not an immersive performance in any sense. I was more impressed by Ini Dinma as a lead actress and Shaffy Bello as a supporting actress. But then, what do we know?

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5. Kenneth Okonkwo

Despite his impressive interpretation of the role Papa Ngozi in "Wives on Strike," the actor was denied a nomination.

He should have taken AY Makun's spot.

6. Online Series

Online series Skinny Girl in Transit and "This is It" were not nominated. While it is difficult to understand, there is need to be thankful that worse series like "Rumour Has It" and "On the Real" weren't given a chance.

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7. Kehinde Bankole

There was "Beyond Blood," but the actress got a nomination for "8 Bars and a Clef!" Not taking away the authenticity of her craft as a talented actress, but Bankole deserved to get a nomination for her role in the Greg Odutayo movie, not "8 Bars and a Clef."

8. Elvis Chuks

Elvisgot a nomination in the Best Movie South Africa for his movie "All About Love." I haven't seen the movie, but Elvis Chuks has never made anything award-worthy. But who knows, he probably turned a new leaf in 2016.

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9. "The Wedding Party" and "Fifty"

These films were conspicuously missing from the list. Probably none of the movies were submitted for consideration. Probably "The Wedding Party" was submitted but the AMVCA judges are not fans of a well-made comedy film or actors like Sola Sobowale. They are just into slapstick comedy.

10. Seun Ajayi

It's impossible to not notice Seun Ajayi as Arinze, a young timid graduate who is desperate to beat his financial burdens in the 2016 comedy movie “Suru Lére.” But for some reason, the Jury failed to notice.

So, who should be blamed for the ridiculousness found in the  AMVCA 2017 nominees list? We can’t blame the absence of quality actors or movies as usual because there were quite a number of great films this year. Organizers would have to come up with a better excuse.

The 2017 AMVCA nominees list, despite its perfect nominees like Somkele Idhalama, "76," "93 Days," Bimbo Akintola, Tope Oshin, Ivie Okujaye, Greg OJ and more, is underwhelming and embarrassing. It takes away the credibility and authority of the award platform most of us have come to love.

It's a new award season, and the 'prestigious' attached to the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards would have to take a nap for a while.