Before Thursday, March 9, 2017,

In Nollywood, there are a lot of actors who are no doubt good at what they do but are yet to deliver a memorable character as they have continuously been stereotyped by casting directors, or are yet to work with the right crew.

You may know him as Femi in "Shuga," 2014 Mr Nigeria, the first runner-up at the 2014 Mr World competition or as Sammy in the 2015 movie, "Fifty."

In "Ojukokoro," the actor introduced a side to him that was unknown to viewers - a side with depth.

Before that, he had appeared on our screen as the playboy, the gigolo and the 'hot guy.' But, as The Accountant in "Ojukokoro," Ikubese is superb. It's the best thing I've seen him in ever, and when the film finished, I became a fan.

In this film, I didn't see a stereotyped actor, I didn't see an actor in his comfort zone, I saw an actor who has finally found the perfect role and luckily for him, this role came with the right director.

He gives a powerful and convincing performance as an accountant of a petrol station who is addicted to drugs. His character barely speaks in the movie, yet, he holds and wins everyone's attention, oozing raw potential.

Pantomimic Dramatization: I have been told that that is one of the most difficult things to achieve as a performer; It is the art or of conveying emotions, actions and feelings by gestures without speech.

Ikubese effortlessly achieves this art in "Ojukokoro" with his incredibly nuanced performance, which sees him pour a large volume of emotions into his character.

Subtle acting at its best, his character barely speaks throughout the movie, but you can see everything that he is feeling just through the way he positions his body or directs his eyes.

Ikubese delivers a character stunning in its simplicity and ovation-worthy in its audacity. Without trying too hard, he wins the audience.

In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, the actor who bared it all for his role as Sammy in "Fifty" said, "people would never look at me the same after ‘fifty”.

He got it wrong, people would never look at him the same after the 2017  comedy/crime-heist movie, "Ojukokoro." They would look at him with respect.

And even if somewhere along the line, he features in a 'bad film,' it won't take away the fact that he is a talented actor.

With "Ojukokoro," Ikubese taught us that most actors have the talent. However, not all are given the right opportunity to prove their range.

Ikubese currently stars in the TV series "Flatmates." He would also be seen in "Raw," a romantic thriller that stars him alongside Ramsey Nouah, Desmond Elliot, Adunni Ade.

With "Ojukokor," Emmanuel Ikubese shows the depth of his talent, and we can't wait to see more from where that came from.