Ever seen a film and think, what’s the big deal? Then critics and cinema goers weigh in and they love it.

These films go on to make millions, break box office records, and yet, you're still wondering "what exactly are they talking about?  We are left wondering: what is the fuss all about?

Over the years, I have seen movies that received great reviews, AMVCA nominations and awards, and yet, they just didn't do it for me.

Recently, I have realized that a Nollywood movie doesn't have to be good to break box office records - just hype it, create a hashtag for it, make sure it's everywhere, then set new records.

In some cases, these overrated movies aren't bad, they are just not worth the hype, buzz, nominations and awards.

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1. Honeymoon Hotel

I'm sad on so many levels that this movie failed to do it for me. It starred Hmolala Dandala and Joke Silva, who always does it for me. But then, perfect diction and acting from 20% of a cast can't save a movie. Let's not even talk about the plot and lazy directing. "Honeymoon Hotel" was one of those movies that I never understood the fuss or buzz surrounding it.

The movie also starred Beverly Naya, IK Ogbonna, Martha Ankomah among others.

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2. Weekend Getaway

Consider this the most overrated Nollywood movie ever.  It received 11 nominations and eventually won four at the 2013 Nollywood and African Film Critics Awards. It also received two nominations at the 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards and earned Alexx Ekubo his 2013 BON win.

The movie was everywhere. It starred Genevieve Nnaji, Ramsey Nouah, Monalisa Chinda, Bobby Obodo, Uti Nwachukwu, Uru Eke, Beverly Naya, Ini Edo, Bryan Okwara, Ime Bishop Umoh.

"Weekend Getaway" was a typical entertaining Nollywood relationship story, predictable, with lots of stars who didn't have much to do. That is what happens when a Nollywood movie decides to deliver a star studded movie - it becomes boring and below expectation.

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3. "Accident"

I went in search of this movie after it won the 2014 AMAA "Best Nigerian Film." It had a great cast made up of Chioma Chukwuka, Kalu Ikeagwu, and the talented Frederick Leonard. It had an interesting plot, direction and acting, but that's as far it goes.

The film is beautifully crafted, well made, but flat, cold and distant, despite being a 'thriller.'  I hope to one day understand the fuss.

4.  Alan Poza

I always heard of the almighty "Alan Poza," but never got to watch it until recently after Charles Novia described upcoming Nollywood actors as 'uptarts,' and got a Poza related response from Chris Ihidero, I knew I needed to remind myself of 'how talented he is.'

"Alan Poza" was written, produced and directed by Charles Novia.  It received 2 nominations at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards. OC Ukeje also won a Best Of Nollywood Awards for his leading role as Alan Poza.

This one hurt me more... Maybe because I went in with high expectations, I mean, It's Novia!

It was one of those comedy films I didn't find funny, and one of those romantic dramas that fail to create that chemistry between love interests.

"Alan Poza" starred OC Ukeje, Beverly Naya, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Novia and Okey Uzoeshi - talented actors that tried their best to make a boring story seem interesting.

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5.  I'll Take My Chances

"I'll Take My Chances" received five nominations at the 2012 Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards, including "Best Motion Picture" and won the award for "Best Costume" (well deserved). It also got three nominations at the 2012 Best of Nollywood Awards and received the award for "Best Edited Movie".

I remember seeing the movie and wondering, 'what did I just do with my time?' It was one of those movies various channels won't let you have peace of mind until you've seen it. So I came, I saw, and was not conquered. Yes, it had some beautiful dance scenes, but the story seemed average, unrealistic, predictable and the chemistry... the chemistry between Ini Edo and Bryan Okwara? That was a major turn off. I don't really know my chemistry, but I believe it could be likened to mixing water with water. No reaction at all.

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6. Playing Safe

Yes, I'm back to Elvis Chuks, I could describe all his movies as overrated and not feel bad - even if they featured some of my favourite actors.

Almost every relevant channel promoted "Playing Safe." It was all over our faces, and then I watch it, and I'm confused. My IQ felt unsafe after seeing the movie. I felt played.

The story had no meaning, message, originality or direction. Let's not talk about the countless grammatical, continuity errors and p(L)ot holes. The movie starred Tonto Dikeh, Ini Edo, Martha Ankomah, Jibola Dabo, IK Ogbonna, Salma Mumin, Mary Lazarus, Johannes Maier,  and Chris Okagbue.

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7. "Last Flight to Abuja"

The cast of this movie did a good job, but the movie which was inspired by true life events, found a way to be confusing, flat, and almost annoying. This movie was so hyped I was looking forward to a thrilling flight into the cloud 9 of movie making, but sadly, I ended up having my expectations crashed.

That scene where Jim Iyke's character 'jumped' off the plane was just 'emotionally traumatizing,' and had me asking "really Obi Emelonye, was that all you could do here? Really?"

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8. "30 Days in Atlanta"

I know... Once upon a time , but if there is one overrated comedy film I know, it is this.

I have met a lot of people who struggle to understand how I failed to enjoy the movie, well, the feeling is mutual; I still don't understand how people sat through it.

The movie was  cliche, predictable, and seemed like a remake of "Osufia in London," and we all know how most remakes turn out. It also offered us one of those flat and rushed endings.

"30 Days in Atlanta" is one hilarious and entertaining movie, but definitely not worth the hype.

Finally, if you have the platform, fan base, means and time, then hype your movie, break box office records, and make your money.

So, which Nollywood movie do you consider overrated?