Reality TV shows can be good. They not only break the monotony of drama series, but also serve as the perfect tool to satisfy voyeurism, which is probably why you’re still "Keeping up with the Kardashians."

and my immediate reaction to the announcement was “do we really need another confused reality show?”

Recently I came across her ‘KUWTA’ YouTube channel featuring unscripted videos of the actress (more like a reality show), except it isn’t the real 'KUTWA' many are anticipating. The actress came off as confused, disorganised, extremely emotional and everything you think a reality TV star shouldn’t be in those clips.

Weeks ago, she  promised fans a reality series which will feature her daily activities, "no forming" and the real Toyin. A week ago, she also promised fans to start keeping her private life ‘private' - someone please tell her she can't be a Beyonce and Kardashian at the same time.


Maybe she has some magical strings to pull, but judging by the recently released semi-reality vlogs, fans are in for a long, boring and fake ‘KUWTA.’

From the days of “Omotola: The Real Me” to “Jim Iyke: Unscripted,” Nigerians are yet to get that reality TV show that would be really real, entertaining for a better part of it, and find a way to keep the media interested.

“Keeping up with Toyin Aimkahu” could be our “Keeping up with the Kardashian” if the actress quits being someone else, embrace her real self and circumstances.

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Here are three things the actress can learn from the Kardashians;

1. Turn adversities into assets

The Kardashians have a gift for turning problems into cash cows. While people are laughing at them, they’re trending and laughing their way to the bank.

I woke up this morning to an article on Seun Egbegbe, the former lover of Aimakhu, claiming he deflowered the actress, whom he also claims has a huge sexual desire.

Ok! Now that the 'lover' has gone public with her ‘sex life,’ it’s left for Aimakhu to decide if she wants to capitalize on the whole negativity surrounding her relationship with Seun to push her reality series, or take to her YouTube channel to cry and lament about how much she still loves him, or how God has abandoned her.

Take it or leave it, Kim Kardashian is one person who chose to make the best out of what life threw her. Who wouldn’t get incapacitated after a sex tape scandal? But Kim proudly chose to make the best out of something that should have been ‘the end of her world.”

Seun Egbegbe hasn’t released a sex tape, and hopefully there’s none to release, so Aimakhu isn’t faced with something as damaging as that - she’s only battling one of those exes you also don’t want to have in this lifetime.


2. Quit trying to be “private”

Recently, the actress promised to keep her private life ‘private.’ Here I’m thinking “but you promised us a reality show.” How are fans supposed to keep up with Toyin Aimakhu when she would be selectively real? That obviously proves Aimakhu is yet to understand the true meaning of a reality show.

There are days the Kardashians decide to go ‘private’ over a certain topic, but then, fans literally know everything important they should know.

You can’t be private and real at the same time. Being private takes away the drama, makes the show monotony as nobody wants to everyday watch Toyin wake up, shoot a movie, shop and probably cry over something - let’s save that ‘drama’ for another vlog series.

Kim has also openly addressed questions about her sex tape and constant nudity adventures in many interviews, rather than decline to take such questions. As earlier stated, Toyin should take advantage of the controversies surrounding her, advantage of the media being interested in her life, her massive fan base, and make KUWTA the next big thing.  Being evasive and trying to form ‘private’ will only make her reality series equivalent to a learner’s vlog.


3. Be Real

I know... That's like asking pigs to fly. It's no news that most actors struggle to differentiate their real selves from on-screen characters, but then one could wish.

I can’t completely say the Kardashians are real, but hey, they offer us real people and real issues. Most times there are episodes that explore relationship problems between various couples in the family - That’s what is going on in their life, what people want to know, and they always take advantage of such situations.

From family problems to work problems and even relationship problems, fans need the real Toyin Aimakhu.

Despite the criticism and ‘haters,’ the Kardashians are loved by many because the show comes with a dose of believable drama.

Toyin Aimakhu has got enough drama in her life to present us with the best reality TV show in Nigeria, but how willing is she to take full control and advantage of every given circumstance?

Watch actress in video below.