You go to the movie theater to escape life and enjoy a movie. You get settled in your seat, and then they show up!

They show up with some of those annoying habits worse than some Nollywood movies. Today I’m making a list of 10 of those really annoying habits.

From chewing louder than the action scenes to answering calls in the cinema, check out 10 annoying things people do in the cinema hall.

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Here we go;

1. Making out in the cinema - And it's not even a romantic movie.

There’s always that couple in the cinema hall that think they are actually invisible, and people can’t see them groping and making out. Actually, I don’t think it would hurt so much to save the public display of affection until after the film.

2. Chatting in the cinema

Talking throughout a movie is probably one of my biggest pet peeves, and that of almost every other movie goer. I get it, you haven’t seen this friend in a while and you have a lot of catching up to do, but I’m sure saving it for the next two hours won’t be such a big deal. I also understand that you just made a new friend, and you need to get all the necessary details, but I’m also sure he or she won’t disappear before the movie ends.  Keep your thoughts to yourself until the end of the movie and refrain from asking silly questions during the movie.

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3. Answering your phone in cinema

It’s annoying when you hear someone’s ringtone during a movie. Keep your phone on silent! If you think hearing a ringtone is annoying, wait till you meet people who actually answer their calls in the hall. Whatever news it is that someone is trying to tell you, there’s a very high percentage that it can wait until after the movie.

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4. Constantly visiting the bathroom

It’s not a crime to want to use the restroom, but paying endless trips to the bathroom during a movie means standing and walking across people constantly, and that is distracting.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a silhouette of a person in front of the screen as they try to make it out of their row. Don’t buy a drink at the movies, or sit near the exit - it shouldn’t be so difficult.

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5. Spoiling a movie for others

So, you fell in love with “The Revenant” that you had to return to the movies to see it again. Please, don’t say “Oh, look at how the bear would fight, kill or whatever him"  when you return.

If you decide to watch a movie that you have seen already with a friend, do not ruin it for the next person or the entire room with your spoilers. Don’t even say “this movie didn’t end well.” We are watching and would find out. Your predictions won’t actually leave people impressed.

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6. Snoring while seeing a movie

Absolutely nothing wrong with sleeping during a movie, I mean, you could have unfortunately gone for a Rukky Sanda or Elvis Chuks movie. But, when you snore while seeing the movie, then something is wrong.  The noise can be distracting, and can completely prevent people from enjoying a good movie.

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7.  Kicking seats

This is one I don’t understand. Kicking an occupied seat  while seeing a movie - what exactly does it do for you? I have had to turn severally to say “can you please stop kicking my seat? It’s distracting.” I get it, it’s a reflex action, but one we can do without.

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8. Texting in the movies

Yes, answering calls isn’t the only annoying habit - texting is also one. Most Times, people set their phone light so bright that it can rival anything that's happening on the big screen. It's completely distracting to people around you.

You have days to reply and settle your disputes, which by the way, other people can totally read. We came to see a movie, and not live your life with you.

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9. Laughing and shouting obnoxiously

When it’s a comedy film and the person beside you thinks everything is funny. It’s okay to laugh or giggle, but laughing in an extremely pleasant manner? That’s a no! Some people can’t see a movie without shouting “Ah!,” “don’t do this,”  at every action or unexpected film. I bet most people experienced this while watching action films like “Furious 7,” “Fifty Shades of Grey” among others.

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10. Chewing loudly

There’s always that one person that chews their popcorn so loud that you can hear nothing from the movie - they can even chew louder than thumping from an action film.

What's that one cinema habit you can't stand?

Which of the above mentioned is the most annoying?