Michelle Dede recently spoke to Pulse Nigeria about her character on "Desperate Housewives Africa,"

Her character is the African character representation of Susan Mayer in the original series "Desperate Housewives."

According to Dede, she had to remember what she was as a teenager to convincingly play the clumsy Tari on the EbonyLife TV show.

"After I got over the whole excitement and kneeling down and thanking God for an opportunity to do something different, I got into a panic mode, because I thought 'I'm not anything like this person," Michelle said.

"She is a single mother, divorced, uncomfortable in social situations, she is very inquisitive, she is not a very responsible parent.

"Now, I don't have any children, I have never been married before, and I thought 'how am I going to play this person convincingly?'

"So, It took me trying to remember what I was as a teenager and putting some of that person [some of what Michelle was] into playing Tari convincingly.

Dede described her teenage self as extremely awkward and uncomfortable with the opposite sex.

"I was extremely shy, extremely awkward in social situations, uncomfortable with the opposite sex - talking to a guy, it was like difficult for me to construct a sentence if I thought a guy was cute, I'm sure a lot of you can relate to that.

"So, I had to bring some of that awkwardness from when I was a teenager to make her believable, and fortunately, based on feedback from viewers and the producers, it worked.

On the similarity between her and the character, Dede said they are both inquisitive.

"I would say that the only similarity that I have with Tari is an inquisitive nature. She is very inquisitive. I'm extremely inquisitive, and it comes in handy for me as a TV host."

"I'm not clumsy as she is. I'm no longer that awkward or that shy in front of a guy that I like. I may not go over and ask him if he wants to borrow books, because who does that? I will think of something else to say.

"I have a little bit of swag, it may not be as much as some other people, but I'm alright."

The actress also spoke about being vocal about what she wants in a relationship on social media, her acting career, her biggest challenge in life and her upcoming project.

Michelle Dede co-hosted the popular EbonyLife TV show "Moments," alongside Toke Makinwa, Bolanle Olakunni.

She is also popular for her roles in "Hush," "Almost Perfect" and "What Lies Within."