This October,

The telenovela will follow the relationship between two people from very different walks of life. Silvana (Maritza Rodriguez), a gorgeous, privileged mother of three, has to come to terms with her new life in a working-class neighbourhood, and navigate a relationship with her neighbour – the hunky, hard-working Manuel Gallardo (Carlos Ponce).

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"Manuel & Silvana" will premiere on Monday, October 3 at 3:20pm to follow the story of Silvana, as she rebuilds her life, after it was turned upside down. Silvana, once led a privileged life, enjoying everything her heart desired, but everything changes – and she is forced to move to a working class neighbourhood.

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Silvana and her daughters move into an apartment next-door to Manuel, who works hard to support his four children, after his wife passed away. It’s Manuel’s hard-working attitude that has led to his strong dislike for the upper class. While Manuel sells fish to support his family, Silvana needs to learn to cope in a world very different from the one she’s become accustomed to. Will Manuel be able to put aside his prejudices toward the rich and accept Silvana? Will Silvana be able to disprove all the upper-class stereotypes Manuel throws her way? Only time will tell.


While Manuel has made a promise to his children to never marry again, Silvana’s charm proves hard to resist for a man who has been alone for so long. While she is finding the strength to adjust, she isn’t sure where her feelings for Manuel will take her in the long run.

Will the two be able to put their differences aside, or will their opposite lives prove too much to overcome?

"Silvana & Manuel" will premiere on DStv Channel 118 and GOtv channel 14.