Do you ever dream of yourself under the bright lights of stardom? Have you ever imagined yourself walking up a stage with a large, adoring crowd cheering and calling out your name?

Did you ever dream of predominantly starring in a premium TV drama?

Well, look no further, your time to shine as a screen superstar has arrived!

Ebony Life TV, with the support of Malta Guiness, presents you this big opportunity to show what you have, and pave your way to fame, by participating in a forthcoming mega TV drama.

You are invited to join the auditions which begin on the 13 of August 2016 in Benin at Da Civic center.

Interested acts will be given an opportunity to take to the stage and express their acting skills during the 6-day event powered by Malta Guinness.

After the audition in Benin city, the campaign moves to The Atrium in Port Harcourt on the August 17th.

And from Port Harcourt City, the audition train arrives in Lagos, at the Oakwood Park Hotel in Lekki, on August 24th 2016.

Finally, the audition is taken to Ebony Life Studios in Tinapa, Calabar on August 29th.

This grand opportunity is presented by Malta Guinness, the premium malt drink that gives you all day goodness and wholesome vitality to approach every single day with a spring in your step.

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Twitter: @MaltaGuinnessNG

Remember to use the hashtag #letsgo #life101 when taking part in the conversations.

So... let’s go!!! Show the world your never say never attitude.

Button your shirts, latch your shoes, and lace up your boots, your journey to superstardom is about to begin!

This is a feature by Malta Guinness