And from the look of things, the fight is not about to wane, going by the tone of the exchanges. What actually triggered the combat is what Charles wrote on his blog, after a series of nude posts that Maheeda has been making in the recent past.

This is part of what he said: “I may not know much about psychology or psychosis, but I am willing to bet that Maheeda is in the early stages of bi-polarism. It is possible that she is using the pictures to Jekyll and Hyde her mental health issues. Mercifully, she lives in a Western society where it is only a matter of time before her total sanity would be called to question. But if Maheeda is not ill, then what is her plan?

“Is she possessed by a legion of seventy times seven demons after her earlier conversion to Christianity? Or is she just being plain silly? If she is being silly, then the blogs and websites which amplified her silly whims have a moral question to answer.”

But Maheeda would not take that lying low and fired back. She said: “My reply to Charles Novia; he is just a movie producer that his career is dying; he needs to write about me to be relevant! Make me a movie!

“I really can’t tell the difference between me and Charles Novia, only that he has no pussy to put on net, so he decided to talk about mine. Charles Novia is just an attention seeker like me! But he is so much of a hypocrite to admit his! He writes bad about people to get attention.”

Then the Twitter war followed.

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