Thursday evenings are fast becoming a day of reckoning for the housemates as their weekly wager challenge not only depends on the execution of their task but their all round behaviour through the week.

This week, the housemates impressed Big Brother on both grounds leading to their first-ever win.

For their task, the housemates produced a musical set in the 80s. The love story was directed by Trikytee with Vee on his side as music director.

In lead roles were Erica and Neo as lovebirds, Prince as an obnoxious wealthy Prince. Dorathy and Tochi played Erica's parents.

Their latest win comes in the third week of the show and in Ozo's reign as head of house. The housemate's wager win earned them double their 1080 bbnaija coins. The coins now at 2180 allows the housemates purchase luxury items at will.

Away from their victory, Big Brother called the attention of Vee, Tolanibaj and Tolanibaj to a house rule violation. According to Big Brother, the housemates had spoken their indigenous languages without translating. Kaisha and BrightO were also on Big Brother's list of offenders for skipping their morning workout session.